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Shallow isn't as bad as it looks...

In case you felt dumb today...

Back to the grindstone

This video is something I whipped up of WT dancing, with some of her favorite songs overtop. It’s not for you, it’s mostly for her - it’s a great distraction, and I’m all about distracting her.Today’s good mommy moment - well, being able to put silly little things like this together that make WT so happy she laughs this happy, thankful, joyfull excited laugh. Most of my day is spent getting her to laugh like that, and those moments make like worth living for the next while. Some days I live from laugh to laugh.

My brother got a job, y’all!!!!!! You know, Dallin, the perfect one? (don’t get mad, my other brothers, you KNOW he’s way gooder than us) He got a really good smart people job!! Congratulations, Dallin!!! If you weren’t so dang nice, I’d be green with envy and hate your guts - but since you are awesome, I’m happy!!!!!(hey - since you have a job now and my boss doesn’t pay well - mostly in dirty diapers and such - you should buy me lots and lots of presents. yup.)

What's in a (band) name?


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