Friday, August 29, 2008

I have the final draft of the CD in my grubby paws.  I keep having panic attacks, wondering if it’s not good enough and if my family will disown me when they hear that weak G on the 5th track…  Of how I rushed that opening in the 6th one…   AKKKKK!!!!!!!!

In happier news, Elizabeth just showed up - and Dallin’s coming in tonight for the happiest, funnest weekend ever!!  They’d better fawn all over this CD or I’m going to talk about it nonstop until they do.  Isn’t it great when you have friends that love you unconditionally??  You can do all sorts of annyong stuff that would drive normal people batty.



Interior design room: LG Electronics nya DVD-spelaren DVS450H

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Well, you know the old saying - show me a good loser and I’ll show you a loser.

Well, you know the old saying - show me a good loser and I’ll show you a loser.
Tom Brokaw on the news tonight, when asked if Hilary and Bill would really forgive and support Obama.  (did he really say that??  Uhhuh!)

Silly Texas.  Why on earth is the Homecoming dance a reason to wear a craft store on your chest??

I’m going to update because Jane complained I don’t do it enough.  Pshh.  Not much is going on - finishing up the album, and trying to make my house semi-decent because this weekend DALLIN AND ELIZABETH ARE COMING TO VISIT!!!!!!!!!!!  PARRTAY!!!!!

It will be out of this world awesome.  Weather permitting we will be going to a tacky parade, go tubing, shopping and try out that theatre we have in the basement.  Also I predict both of them will spend a great portion of the weekend fawning over WonderToddler.  (if they know what’s good for them;)

SO. Excited. Right. Now.!!!!!!!!!  So that’s what’s up.  Whazupwitu? (yes, the worst song ever written… go google it)

Sunday, August 24, 2008

The heavens have opened.  My brother has started a blog.   Friend to babies and old people everywhere, my ridiculously sexy brother is now pontificating on the interweb.  YESSSS!!!!   This is awesome for a few reasons -

1. He’s hilarious and now I have more reasons to love the intraweb.

2. My power is growing.  How many people have I tricked into starting a blog??  I know at least a few of you - I FEEL ALMIGHTY!!!!!!!  I should start a blog army. 


*leave a comment if my blog made you start one.. and I’m not apologizing either, because I LOVE reading all of y’alls:)*

*also, leave a comment on his, especially if you don’t know him and pretend like you do.  It’ll totally weird him out.  heehee.*

Friday, August 22, 2008

I'm okay, you're okay

Last night’s recording session gots me to thinking.  Am I not as awesome as I used to be?  Ar.r.r.rg!!  Thank heavens for editing software!  But I couldn’t help but ponder how I am so thankful for parents that gave me so many opportunities when I was a kid to develop every skill imaginable, even if I proved hopeless in it, and I never knew I was hopeless because of their unflinching support. 

*Okay, I think we all knew I was a terrible pianist, but you at least kept paying for lessons*… (up until the time the teacher cried and begged me to stop coming… do you remember that??? Poor woman!)

So here’s a list I’ve compiled of all the things I’m finally willing to admit I’m actually not that fabulous at - but I’m okay with it anyway:

1. Singing.  A huge thank you to everyone who has smiled and nodded through the years and let me think I was decent.  If I had my wish, I’d have the singing talent over the fiddle talent, but I’m finally happy with what I’ve got.  I can do back-up like nobody’s buisiness.

2. Dancing. I got ballet and ballroom lessons and I’m thrilled with the chance, but I have to face it - I have the WhitePerson’s disease and I have no groove.  Le sigh - I’m fine with looking like a maniac, as long as I get to keep doing it and enjoying myself.

3. Writing.  I’ve got loads of unfinished manuscripts and let’s face it- 4 blogs - in my wake, and it has come to my attention that if I was fabulous, I’d get paid to do this for a living.  Don’t you love that any schmo can have a blog and dream big??  I sure do:)

4. Art.  I was really given every opportunity as a kid to get good at it - tons of art camps and a mom who could make the Sistine Chapel out of some old mascara and a green crayon - but it never was my lot.  That sainted woman still has my stuff hanging around the house and I love her for it, but I’m pretty sure she knows as well as I do that the teacher painted almost all of that fabulous wooded nature picture she has hanging in the kitchen.

5. Acting.  I got to be in plays and that sainted mother I speak of still holds to that time in 5th grade that I WOWED the audience as Puck.  Also, I completely overdid the mom in ByeBye Birdie but I got the yuks so we’re okay with it.  But I’m going to finally let the dream go that I’ll be rear-ended by a big time movie producer and so I won’t contact insurance, he’ll put in in the starring role in his next Rowan Atkinson film.  (yes I have a crush on Mr. Bean, what of it??)

What are you finally okay with being just tolerably well at?

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Keeping the magic alive, one insane date at a time.

By the way, the racing and the smashing was not what I expected.  Kind of cool.  It smelled like America.  And dirt.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Again, the think-list

The junk in my brain right now:

1. Busy recording our album and HOLY SNAP I hate recording.  I hate hearing myself play - it never sounds like I wanted it to or sounded in my brain.  THis makes me grouchy.

2. Watched a dear friend’s 4 month old the other day while she and her husband went out for their anniversary.  I forgot how HOW much I just don’t do babies.  And this was actually a nice baby.  But I hate babies.  I hate how I don’t know what to do, and when I do try everything I can to help them, they will still scream and do that angry wiggle at me.  I LOVE how WonderToddler can tell me what she wants.  I know I should have another one, but knowing I have about 2 years of sick-preggo and angry baby…  it makes me get pretty hysterical.

3. Sometimes I am just in awe of how fabulous SexyHusband is.  He’s insane and a cranky old man, but he puts WT and I first in everything he does.  I feel loved, appreciated and free to be me.  I’m dang lucky.

4. I finally settled on something cool to wear for some of our manymany gigs - I’ll post pics when they come in the mail.

5.  This weekend?  Demolition derby.  Labor Day weekend?  The DragonCon parade. (parade of freaks dressed like ANYTHING - from pirates to storm troopers to Rainbow Brite).  The future looks good.

6.  Am I the worst human ever?  I don’t like animals and I don’t like babies.  Dang, I need to cultivate at least one redeemable quality.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


If you haven’t checked out the previous entry with the AWESOME Matt Harding dancing-around-the-world schtick, then do so.  And then click on my brother’s hommage to it:


I know he did this as a joke, but I really miss him and now that he’s moved allll the way to New York and I don’t know what his world looks like, I am thrilled to get a glimpse.  Especially of the kitchen floor.  You go, Dallin!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


A stylist to save a poor fiddle player who has yet to look decent on stage.  Problems include no fashion sense, no idea of what is appropriate for her body type, too cheap to want to spend over $20 on any single item of clothing, especially since her weight changes so frequently who KNOWS if anything will fit 2 shows in a row, and the fact that she is taller than everyone else in the band and her poor choices are resulting in her looking like a creepy Amazon woman.  Compensation will be in macaroni and cheese, this being the only meal the fiddler can actually make.  Please call 555-UGGO between 5:32pm and 5:35pm on the second Tuesday of the first month after a full moon if interested.

Monday, August 4, 2008

I’ve been lusting after checking out Thai fisherman pants on Etsy lately.  They look so blasted comfy, and heaven knows I love the earth mama look, even though I never actually achieve it.  And I looove oversized clothes, since with my height, nothing is oversized on me.  My question is - could I rock these?  A cute top, some flip flops…. what do you think?  Am I insane? 

HEAR YE. I need to document the fact that I ran 3 miles and didn't feel like death.  So just to make sure it wasn't a fluke, I did...