Friday, October 31, 2008

NaBloPoMo is here!!!  So get ready for goodies at least once a day.  Okay, so I already messed up and forgot yesterday - I’d been totally planning on it since LAST November, but Halloween was so awesome I forgot November 1st is the DAY AFTER and I had to get my tush in gear and post, but I was busy being Awesome Mom again and lost track of the day.  Yay for back-dating!

But from now on people - post a DAY!  Plus I’m trying to do it on the family blog too, so it’s double duty.  Whew!

2 years ago - I was a mess with the PPD, the being alone in Brasil with a newborn and no idea what to do with her.. it doesn’t get much worse that those few months for me.  The bright spot was all these amazing people I’d never met who read my blog and sent me e.mails and messages of encouragement.  When I mentioned the idea of NaBloPoMo to SexyHusband - who has always viewed my blogging a tad askance - he actually asked me to do it and supported me, just because he knew it would force me to contact the outside world and not allow me to wallow.  It was such a comfort - him reminding me and giving me time every day to blog, and all the support and love I got in return in comments and e.mails.  So now, every November is sacred - and a-postin’ I will go.

If you are new to it and want to join in, you can still sign in on the website or just start posting and cheat like me on the first day and date it as yesterday:)  I don’t mind, I’d love the company!  Yay for blogging!

My lovebugs.

Happy Halloween! 

Today started with a pair of orange and black socks.  Looking through my sock drawer, I saw them sitting there and it dawned on me that if I’m going to make WonderToddler dress up and do the Halloween thing, I’d better step up to the plate.

So, on with the witch costume, and her as a love bug.

I was the ONLY parent dressed up at the Haloween fair we went to this morning, and we had a BALL!  Running from game to game, collecting gooodies - AND, we chanced on a hayride!!  The best part as all the kids sitting there, silent, and my WT laughing  and screaming “I love hayride!!  I love it!!”

Today, I’m a Good Mom.  Happy Halloween!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008


pac-man-bike-jump.jpg (image) (via feaverish)

 That’s an awesome costume.  I have none, as of yet. There’s a sleeping 18 month old in the room with costumes so I can’t find one right now.  I’m sitting my friend’s 2 kids, both loverly, but both good at reminding me how much I just am NOT a kid person.

“But Rev@, don’t you teach CHILDREN for a living?”

Yes, yes I do.  But one at a time - with a parent there to enforce and reign them in.  My students don’t spill chocolate milk on the floor.  They don’t scream that they need to blow bubbles RIGHT NOW, and they do exactly what I say.  Cuz when you do exactly what I say, I am the funnest, most charming person EVER and we will have a fun lesson, yay!

Toddlers.  I like them more than babies though!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The SexyHusband posted his own political rant - I mostly agree.  Mostly I’m sad - I wish I could be all gung-ho and believe one of the parties was effective and right-oh.  But I’m allll alone, wondering if I should write in SexyHusband’s name.  Yeah - he really HAS written his name as the presidential candidate for the last 2 elections.

For all the peple who never thought I’d get married - y’all were wrong.  I just had to find someone even more INSANE than me.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

junk mail

I have had not one, but FOUR reliatives send me this link to a video of a ranting black republican guy.

I’m considering sending them some uber-left rants.  Just to mess with them.  I’m mostly center, but the e.mails I get daily are NUTS.

Friday, October 24, 2008

1. Marry a awesome guy whose best friend will eventually date a girl who works at a radio station.

2.  When Weezer comes to town and all the tickets are sold out, said husband will call friend’s girl and see if the station has leftover tickets.

3. Try to find a sitter because you are going TO SEE WEEZER, BABY!!!!


open letter

Dear people who write stuff for The Office,

You guys are good, you really are.  I tune in every week to watch the akward, amazingly uncomfortable moments you create and you’re blasted good.  But please, after years of wanting Jim and Pam together, are you trying to create more tension by ripping them apart?  Seriously??  Please don’t do this to me.  It makes the show scary, like Lost.  Not funny.  I’m worried every week that you’re going to do something to them.  They can be funny and together at the same time, really!  You guys are going to give me an ulcer.


Someone with no life

Thursday, October 23, 2008

I got a blog award.  I have NEVER gotten a blog award!!  Heck, I can’t even think of a time I even won an award.  Hrm.. wait - I did debate in high school and got a few… okay, ignore that, the important part is I got a blog award!!  Watoozi - a gal I met while braving Brasil and she’s still there - gave me this:

 yeah - <3!!  So dang, I want in on the fun!! But I made my own award.. cuz I’m a rebel like that.  So without further ado, here a just a few of the mazillions of blogs  blogs I consider worthy of this:

blog award

Jane of Tarzan : She’s not just my sister-in-law she’s a fabulous dancer, dance afficianado, architect and flippin’ sweet.  She also likes cats, but we love her anyway:)

Dallin: Reading his writing is like eating a dinner made by someone who knows how to cook and likes it.  He weaves a story like none other.

Annie: Smart chick.  Don’t cross her.  She knows big words and isn’t afraid to use them.  Also, has good stories about Latin men driving cars whole playing maracas.

Elizabeth: Lovely inside and out, her blog is full of optimism and sunshine.  Also, she hurts herself a LOT.  Klutzes are fun!

Pascal: Coolest go-to-guy I know, and his posts are full of the goodies he finds on the web.

The Mighty Quinn: Distrbing, but he owns a frightening amout of artilery and I’m scared not to include him.

Misplaced Americans: Had to include Becky - she takes to blogging like a Brasilian takes to showing up late to stuff.  She takes such joy in mothering and being a righteous woman in a way that makes you feel better about your own efforts.

GingerlyLizzy: She’s hot, her family is hot, and there’s nothing this girl can’t do well.  But she’s super nice, so we’ll love her anyway:)

Eden: Smart, smart and smart.  Never afraid to speak her mind - I lOVE that!  Als, if you are stranded without a car and have a trailer, she’l help you take it back to the U-Haul place.

Little Miss: Funny, giving and fabulous.  I love her as a person, and am always learning new stuff about her by getting to peek into her brain through her blog.

Barefoot Belle: She’s 8 parts naughty and 2 parts nice - but somehow she manages to work that 2 parts to make it seeem she’s less naughty than she actually is.  You minx.

Gabby: Cute.  Really, reading her mades my mouth pucker!

Harri3t: Smart.  When I read her and understand what I’m reading, I feel all intellectual and stuff.

Cathie: She doesn’t update, but when she does it makes me giggle.
The Fiebers: Whe waited long enough for little Wyatt, and her joy is infectious!

smittyclone: Intelligent, AND a violinist.  How on earth did that happen??  oh, ad did I mention she was PROM QUEEN?! I’m never letting her live that down.

requiel: Mom. Hot mom.  Irish dancer.  Woowee!!

Azucar: Her sons are naughtier than any other kid I’ve ever known - but their mom has the most hilarious wit so we benefit.  Rock. On.

So, the thing is, if you want to feel all validated, here’s  the code to put a button on your own website and have everyone know that I think their blog is worth all the time I waste reading it. 

blog award

<a href=”” title=”blog award by revastrash, on Flickr”><img src=”” width=”240” height=”181” alt=”blog award” /></a>

If you think it’s totally dumb - 1. You’re right, and 2. just ignore the code and pat yourself on the back because I think you are cool.  And if you aren’t on here, I still think you’re cool - but I have to go teach a violin lesson and have to get off my flippin’ laptop.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I admit it - I don’t have a crafy bone in my body, but I have always wished I did.  now, my obsession has turned into Etsy, trying to find unique gifts and the crazy things people think up.  I could hit “Pounce” for hours.  I think I probably have.. anywho, I’m putting a little etsy widget on my sidebar in the hopes that maybe som of you will do the same and I can see your favorite stuff and then have ideas of what people like/want for gifts.  Yeah, I might buy you something!

Buy Handmade

Monday, October 20, 2008

Heeeere's the 28th year of my life in list form.

It’s a nice tradition, although I’ve never ben this late before - it’s my annual What-I-Did-This-Year Recap!! - now entering its 8th year?  Good golly!  For the voyers out there who want to see what an actual interesting year was like (I seem to have slowed compared to years past) - you can check out my 22nd birthday, my 23rd birthday, my 24th birthday, my 25th birthday, my 26th birthday, my 27th birthday and my 28th.

  • Spent Thanksgiving with my family in Colorado.
    • Our family lost Megan (Quinn’s wife) and WT and I flew back to CO for the funeral.  Very painful time for all of us.

    • WT got stomach flu at the funeral, then almost EVERYONE got it.  Sick and in mourning - we were quite a pathetic crew.

    • Even gave it to our family when we flew back in GA on Christmas Eve - Christmas was a wash this year.

    • Hit the 3 year mark with SexyHusband.

    • Continued to teach violin as usual.

    • Had a visit from my mom!!

    • Attempted to coordinate an outfit for my band’s St. Patty’s gigs with this accessory:

  • Switched blog to Tumblr and looove it.  Diaryland was sweet, Blogger is useful - Wordpress just confuses me - but Tumblr is juuuuuuust right:)

  • Had a awesome spring recital with my students.

  • Played a faaabulous festival with my trio, Tres de Solei.

  • Took WT to LA for the Sibling Reunion - beach, siblings and watched her fall in love with my mom and her sister - best trip ever!!

  • Put on a week-long music camp and survived.

  • Recorded an album that I’m super proud of.

  • Crazy month of out-of-town gigs.

  • Headed to Austin to consider a move there (that was the looming freakout I’ve been alluding to) - it’s looking less likely, but there’s still a chance… but having a weekend to fly alone with SexyHusband was an amazing treat.

  • Headed to Kentucky for a weekend visiting all my new nephews and a niece - care of my wonderful sister-in-law’s sister (that technically makes her my sister:)

  • Celebrated WT’s 2nd birthday!  I started the year with her just being able to walk - and now she can sing, recite the alphabet, count forwards and backwards to 20, open anything that she’s not supposed to and now is half potty trained, woohoo!

….All in all, the year seems incredibly sparse compared to years past, but about half of it was all in a haze, trying to deal with Megan’s death.  It wasn’t until June that I started feeling like I could think clearly again, and it was all I could do to keep the daily routine up.  I’m thankful for a calm year - many on this earth don’t ge the luxury of a quiet, comfortable existance and I know how blessed I am.

Although looking at that list.. I’m gonna try to add a wee bit o’ color to the next year. ;)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

My birthday rocked - Wicked rocks and I felt gorgeous! Crisis averted too - all is well in Rev@land!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Happy freaking Birthday

So last night, LittleMiss was walking out of my house with an armload of al my fanciest clothes while SexyHusband was coming home.

“What on earth is she doing?” saith he.

“She’s got a fancy function to go to so she’s going to see if something I have will work for a ensemble.”

He thought for a second, disapeared, and then returned with a card.   “You’d better open your card now.”

“But my birthday isn’t until tomorrow.”

“Just open it.”

I figured it was because he’d given me some news that put me in a sour mood all day and if I read a nice card I’d be all lovely again.  Iopened it  - read the sweet words, and then found…..


LittleMiss screamed along with me and handed me the pile of clothes - “You need anything out of here?”  That’s why I’d needed to open it then:)

HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  He’s going WITH me too -that in itself is a miracle and the coolest gift he could have given me.  In turn, as crummy as the news was that I’d gotten beforehand, I was nice the rest of the night.

And today when WonderToddler and I went to the kiddie gym to play, she kept rinning up to me, throwing her arms around me and saiying “My friend!!! I love mommy!!”

Yes, I’m 29.  I’ll do the year recap later - but right now, it’s turning out to be a pretty decent year.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

again, a can't-sleep-post

I’m turning 29 in less than 25 hours.

This makes me suicidal.

Man, I hate my birthday.

It’s going to super suck this year.

Gah, and to top it all off, it’s the stupid fall pledge drive on NPR.

Y’all are too dang nice.  I spent too much time with the camera trying to figure out what made me look so blahdeblah, and foud that when I am looking UP, you can’t see the circles.  So I have to get down on the floor when people want to take pictures of me.  Eh, it’s worth it.

Also, remember all the *crap, crazy things are going to happen maybe* stuff?  It’s still looming.  Stoopid life never staying excatly where I want it to.

Win a free handbag today!!!!  24 bags in 24 hours!!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

I will write today about how amazing WT’s 2nd birthday was, how amazing our trip to Kentucky was to visit with my nephew and all the wonderful family that are caring for him, and how incredible it was to see my mom…. for now, I will just ask - why does every blasted picture of me fro this amazing weekend make me look sick and old??  I put on make-up, people.  I actually TRIED, and yet every picture looks like this!!  WHAT GIVES?!?!!?

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

a dialoge of the conversation I'm having with myself which is why I can't sleep


Can’t sleep.

Nervous, twitchy, anxious.

Rammed my van into our truck today.

Not horrible, but dagnabit I liked having a pretty car… and then I screwed it up.

Also, dear, dear friend is getting married.

So excited.

Can’t WAIT to be in the wedding!!

Nauseous about scheduling…

How do I manage to get there with enough time to help and play when I think we have a gig the day before?

How do I find a week to be there and celebrate and help when I have a almost 2 year old to care for?


How did this happen??

It’s getting so good, but it’s going too fast.. I’m not taping enough, not catching enough memories…

I have survived 2 years of motherhood!!!

My birthday is next week, but I don’t look forward to my birthday anymore.

Moms need to give great birthdays and I have to have everything just right for her, but it then reminds me of my birthday 2 years ago, right after she was born.

It haunts me how bad life was back then.

I still have nightmares.  It still makes me cry when I think about my birthday.

She’s so different, I can’t keep up with the wonderful changes every day.

I also can’t get her to brush her teeth.

I really need to get my hair colored red again.  BRIGHT this time.

I had a dream SH didn’t love me anymore last night.

Gah, those dreams are SO awful, they make me sick all day!

I cleaned the house today.

I’m so bad at it, and I HATE it.

I hate that I hate it.

I am such a crummy wife.

Wives who don’t have regular jobs should clean the house.

My tummy hurts.

We’re going to visit my nephew this weekend - Quinn and Megan’s son.

He’s doing so much better than the rest of us.

He’s with his cousins - they don’t watch TV or eat sugar.

WonderToddler won’t know what happened to her.

I’d think I wasn’t a horrible mom if she wasn’t such a freaky genius.

So they don’t eat sugar and it’s WT’s birthday - what do you do instead of cake??

I really have no idea.

I wish SH wasn’t asleep.

I really want a snuggle and a “I love you so much even though you broke the car and call me up at work all the time to scream about how psychotic your daughter is or how there is a chipmunk in the basement.”

Oh, and I could totally go for some rowwwwrrrr action.  Right now.

Stupid sleep.

Why am I not asleep?

Why am I so nervous and jumpy?

I don’t want to sleep because I’ve had nightmares every night for days now.

Stupid brain.

It doesn’t work all day long, but it decides to work when I need to sleep and makes hoooorible dreams for me?

The bridesmaid dress is going to look so bad on me.

It’s totally outfit for a petite cute gal.

Like ALL the other bridesmaids, all 5 or more inches shorter than me.

I’m such a gangly Amazon, I’m going to look SO out of place.

I will just avoid mirrors!

And wear a HUUUGE bra.

Stupid brain, I’m thinking about THIS instead of sleeping??

I’m going to go hit myself in the head with a hammer.


Saturday, October 4, 2008

I’ve been remiss to say anything, but there’s no hiding it anymore.  I am actually scared by how much I love this little girl.  I didn’t think I’d be this kind of gushing nitwit, but I am.

Tonight, daddy is at a church meeting, so we were all alone.  Bath time - the whole bedtime ritual - used to fill me with dread to go it alone.  But now, my almost 2 year old WonderToddler knows what is happening an takes joy in the process.

1. Potty time - “I did it!!  Peepee in the potty!!”  Clapping, giggles.  The toilet has never been so adorable.

2. Playing the the tub. Playing with the foam letters in the tub.  “Where’s the Q?  I need Q??  Yay Q!!  *gasp*  Mommy -  have 2 ‘L’s!!! Put L in water!!”

3.  Trying to towel off.. for some reason the idea of the towel is unfun, so I have to chase her naked self running all over the house.  I would be more strict, but her little legs and squeals are too funny to squelch.

4.  “Jammies??  HAHAHAH!!!”  She asks PLEASE for her pacifier(her word:Fuhway) and washcloth(Bweak) snugglies.   I limit her paci time, but I can hardly say no when she so sweetly says “Fuhway please!”  I love my polite kid!!

5.  Warm up a bottle of milk - “Numbers - mommy PLEASE may have numbers?!?” she insists I hold her up so she can count along with the microwave.

6. Prayer time - she curls up on my lap, folds her arms and says most of the prayer for me.  No asking to bless SpongeBob this time, but she usually asks for blessings on her friends… and then she lists all of them:)

7. Bottle and bed.  She snuggles in, drinks, and then I put her in the crib.  She knows what is happening, she giggles at the joy to get to snuggle her favorite bunny, says “Love you mommy!” and is gone to the world.

I can’t help it… I really cringe when I meet those happy-happy-“I love my boobahbaby oh so much oooo”-people, or worse yet, read their blogs…  but the more I get to know this little person, the more in awe I am at her kindness, her joy, her imagination, her creativity, her intelligence, and how blasted friendly she is.

I am so thankful that my Heavenly Father knew the only way I would warm up to this motherhood thing is if I was given one of the most incredible little girls ever.  Amazing.

You may commence gagging.

Friday, October 3, 2008

another meme, wooot.

Tagged from LittleMiss - 7 stupid things about moi!

1.  I am afraid of the dark - especially basements.  It terrifies me to even walk past a dark doorway to a basement.

2.  I can’t do scary movies or any violent movies.  The last Star Wars was so over the top for me, I had to put my head in SexyHusband’s lap in the theatre for the last 30 minutes because it made me physically sick.

3.  I am TERRIFIED of bugs.  I love the idea of being in nature, but I just can’t get out and do it because there are bugs there.  I can’t even kill them because if I get anywhere near them, I get vivid visuals of them crawling all over me and I FLIP. OUT.  And then run away, screaming. 

4.  Animals scare me.  Dogs, cats, cows, birds, and ESPECIALLY chipmunks.  One was in my basement the other day while I was teaching a lesson, and my 6 year old student and her mother had to chase it out the door while I stood on the stairs and screamed my head off on the phone to SexyHusband - who unbeknownst to me, had put me on speakerphone so everyone at his office could laugh at me.  True story.

5.  Performing on stage also terrifies me. I like to pretend that I’m awesome, but it’s quite another thing to have to prove it.  It’s like letting everyone see you naked. No push-up bras, no panties to hide your sqiushy bum.  That I actually do it is actually a testament to my other fear - I’m more afraid of what would would happen if I didn’t get up there and play.

6.  I remember every stupid thing I have ever said.  I amaze myself with how much of a moron I can be.

7.  Shirts that button up make me flip out and feel 84 years old.

TAG!  Um… Jane, Mary, Elizabeth, Annie, hrm…. lesse, we’ve all done this meme a million times anyway, so if you CAN think of 7 more weird things, then more power to you.  What am I saying - you’re my friends, so of COURSE you all have more weird things to list:)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Woohoo!! We just got gas without waiting in line for hours !!!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

That’s my girl.

 That’s my sunshine.

If you ever read CJane or her sister Nie, you might have been like me and slightly irritated at their incredible writing style, awesome sisterhood, huge blog following, crafty skillz and good looks - and inspired by their devotion to their families and insistance on finding the positive in motherhood.

In August, Nie and her husband were in a plane crash that kiled the pilot, and both she and her husband were severely burned and injured.  Her husband is up and moving slowly, but Nie is still in critical condition as she was burned over 80% of her body and there are a lot of things to still happen before she will be out of the woods.  Her sister, CJane - who has a newborn - is caring for 3 of Nie’s children and another sister has their youngest.

I read as much as I can every day and pray for them and am filled with gratitude for love their family has for each other.  If you have a moment, go read some of their entries and be awed as I am at their perspective and strength.  It’ll make your day better, I promise.


As a person whose family has recently gone through the death of a loved one, it hits me a little hard how amazing her family is at finding ways to help.  Our family is blessed, but I still wish I could do more.  It feels lovely to watch their love for each other and feel buoyed up by it.

HEAR YE. I need to document the fact that I ran 3 miles and didn't feel like death.  So just to make sure it wasn't a fluke, I did...