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junk mail

open letter


Heeeere's the 28th year of my life in list form.

Happy freaking Birthday

It’s Aunt Jane’s birthday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As usual, I have remembered it only because I have started that moronic self-pitying I do the day before my bithday, and realize I’ve forgeotten to send you a card. Again. Luckily, you love me despite my being completely self-absorbed and offensive. What a lucky sister-in-law I is!!! We love you!!!!!!!!!

(too hilarious to not share, despite my awful mood - a convo as seen on

again, a can't-sleep-post

I love me some Stuff White People Like.

a dialoge of the conversation I'm having with myself which is why I can't sleep

Polyphonic Spree - Reach For the Sun. Another one of those “It makes me SOOO happy to be alive!!” songs. It makes me giggle and spin in circles.

another meme, wooot.