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Really world,

this is a NO CHEERING UP zone.

Death Cab For Cutie : I Willl Follow You Into The Dark Sweetest, most morbid love song ever written. SexyHusband also purchased tix to see them in May. *squeeeeee*


you know what's priceless?

Jamie Cullum : All At Sea A handy song to have for a no-good-very-bad-day.

John Mayer : Say There’s a LOT I don’t say. At least I try not to. I don’t tell WonderToddler that if she throws one more tantrum I will have a nervous breakdown. I don’t tell SexyHusband how the thought of having one more child makes me want to dig a hole and stay in it. And I try not to blog about how many times a day I look up at the sky and wonder why me, out of all the people I know struggling with fertility issues and who are and will be AMAZING parents - why I am supposed to be a mom. Instead of everything else I wanted to be, my path smashed right into Mommytown where in spite of the occasional successes, I frequently crash and burn. Just ask WT, who has screamed in horror at the sight of me today. So instead of exploding, I listen to this song. Close my eyes, float away, and remember that what I say can’t be unsaid - and resolve just to say the things that NEED to be said. Thank you. Yes… and no. I love you. I miss you. I understand.

The Killers: Human There are some days where only this song will do.


Beatles: Here Comes the Sun My favorite song of all time, in honor of being able to wear flip flops and shed my coat, at least for a few days. It makes the world seem much less bleak.


The Office:The Musical this makes me happier than…. almost anything.

I *hate* reggae, but SH insists on playing it. The evidence of this is in the fact that every time I tell WT to get up, she tells me to “stand up, stand up for your rights.” So as much as I hate this song, it akes me giggle and makes WT hop and yrll for daddy. A-dorable.

I am God’s vessel. But my greatest pain in life is that I will never be able to see myself perform live.

few things are sexier than the words


Jackson 5 - ABC Music to get you moving on this Monday morning. You’re welcome.