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this is what happens when I start doing math

Michael Buble : Sway I was drying my hair this morning when this song got into my brain and wouldn’t get out. And I started thinking about the pronounciation of his last name “Boob-lay” and couldn’t stop giggling. Heh. Boob-lay. And it made me think of the old bag Hyacinth Bucket from the old Britcom “Keeing Up Appearances”: Remember how she’d insist her last name wasn’t pronounced Bucket - “It’s BOUQUET!!”? So I got to thinking - if I showed Buble (along with whatever accent thingy it needs) to some French person, would they say Boob-lay or Bubble? Is he just making it up? Can someone please find me a French person who doesn’t know who this Boob-lay guy is so we can test this?

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the mind of a 2 year old