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Best way to surprise someone? Throw them a 30th birthday party a month an a half after the actual day. All these people I love, who love me too? I am one DANG lucky girl. Thanks, Jane!


Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce my mother.

Points of interest and irritation:

The characters in this movie should be arrested for loitering with intent to moan.

I had a bad night. I had a bad morning. I was crying all over the grocery store and house, and wondering who I could vent to, to get this sad OUT. Of course there’s always blogging which is a fabulous stress reliever, but I was so worked up I knew spending 20 minutes reliving it and typing it up would get me even more wound up. So I video blogged about it. If you have 4 minutes and 39 seconds to kill, it’s the mundane drama of a housewife/mom. And you know what? I feel much better. *edit* it works now. Duh. Thanks!

viamusichistory:postpunk: Sesame Street - C Is For Cookie (Larry Levan remix) Egg City Radio recently posted some Sesame Street disco LPs, and I was quite pleased to find a remix by Paradise Garage legend Larry Levan. (Granted, “Me Lost Me Cookie At The Disco” is equally wonderful.)

Busy day here, more substantial post in the morrow. For now, I’m currently digging on this song - one of the extras from the new Weezer album, and wishing I’d had a song so sweet written for me once upon a time. So my ears are one part happy, and one part whistful. Dang, how does Rivers Cuomo write stuff like this? I want a piece of that talent.

indulge me

blast from the past

a Dr. Laura moment

Weezer : I Am The Greatest man That Ever Lived Loves me some Weezer - and this tune is quite the unique selection. If you are a music geek, someone analyzed the different styles found in this number - I don’t know if I agree with the Beethoven part but all in all it’s pretty dang intarresting. And awesome. See if you can catch them all: Live 0:00 Rap 0:35 Slipknot 1:00 Jeff Buckley 1:26 Choral 1:51 Aerosmith 2:17 Nirvana 2:43 Andrews Sisters 3:08 Green Day 3:33 Spoken word (heavily inspired by Elvis’ “Are You Lonesome Tonight?”) 4:06 Bach 4:37 Beethoven 4:54 Weezer 5:10