Monday, November 30, 2009

Today is my last full day in Colorado, and tomorrow I repeat the joy that is flying with 2 small children. It’s really not that bad, since my kids are awesome. But my parenting abilities tend to go down as my sleep deprivation goes up. My sainted mother took the night shift for an entire week and it was heaven. But reality sunk in as I took it back last night and spent a few hours too tired to properly feed or clean the baby and was kicked in the head by both asleep children for half the night. Mom was right - this parenting thing is for the young. That under 30 crowd with all that energy.

And now, I bid NaBloPoMo 2009 adieu. Too sleepy to pontificate or wax philosophical, but grateful for the invention of blogs. Grateful for moms who still snuggle if their daughter needs it. Grateful for iPhones that make this posting thing far easier. And grateful for friends. Don’t really have any where I live, but it’s a fantastic thing to see my girls at least once a year to remind me such fantastic people exist. Grateful for that bed right in front of me so I can cyhrszzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Sunday, November 29, 2009

so…. close… just another day and I’ll have sucessfully completed year number 3 of NaBloPoMo.  But it’s always the hardest part, since I’m still in Colorado, trying to soak up as much family time as I can.  Thanks to the iPhone, I can persevere!!  (so dang easy to update Tumblr on this thing.  LOVE.  IT.)

Lola and I were talking yesterday and hit on an interesting point.  The best people in the world had an akward phase.  Those that didn’t miss out.  There are SO many things that you learn from those odd years, trying to find yourself physically and mentally.  Those who were always put together and gorgeous, they don’t get to learn that.  And since I was SO dang akward for so long, the good part about that is I just keep gettting hotter.  I can only go up from how tragically weird I was as an adolescent! 

Also, as we watched the super cool video Jane made me of my first 30 years on this planet, it was shocking how many hairstyles I’ve had.  I kind of like to get a good one, then let it grow out to a hideous mess, then get it fixed up again.  The result is much more shocking :)

Friday, November 27, 2009

Happiness is knowing you have a girlfriend good enough that even if you don’t see each other for months, you are still totally on the same page - even to the point that you desperately need haircut overhauls at the same time. And happiness is having another girlfriend who is willing to wake up at the crack of dawn just to come to your appointment and show the stylist her hair because it’s exactly the cut you wanted and you knew you couldn’t describe it on your own.

Even though gazillions of miles are usually between me and them, the fact that they exist makes my life the awesomeness you see before you. They really do exist - a sexy middle school teacher, a low maintenance Ukranian and a hott mom of 2. F’reals.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


I’m thankful for blogging, Owl City and driving. I’m thankful for a mother who adores me. I’m thankful for years of therapy and hard knocks. I’m thankful for a house full of family. And I’m thankful for Lola, who made appointments for us tomorrow morning to get haircuts together. We’ll see how blonde I go, but I’m mostly thrilled to spend the morning with one of my favorite people in the whole world.

I’m thankful to be me. It’s not such a bad life, afterall.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Home is where other people hold your baby and love them as much as you do. I. Love. My. Mommy. Heavenly stuff, this family business.

Oh, and that bandage on my mom’s head? My nephew hit her in the head with a hammer. No joke. The grandma thing was more hazardous than I thought.

Monday, November 23, 2009

On the road to Milwaukee for our flight to Denver and family time. Happy day! Did I mention Husband is a genius with that scheduling his business trip at the same time so he can help me through security? (he’s joining us Wednesday). Just a few more hours until mommy time for the mommy!!!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Husband has jsut become deathly ill, I’m flying solo tomorrow to Denver to spend the holiday with my fam (he’ll join us later) and the prospect of packing has my head spinning.  My MIL just called us today to inform us that we’ll be getting a package next week of all the stuff we left at her place on our last trip.  My solution?  This time I’m taking camera phone pix of all the kid’s clothes that I’m taking so I’ll know what I need to find to bring back.

Dang it’s mundane, but if you have kids you know how terrifying the day before a flight is - will they behave?  Will I remember everything I need in the diaper bag and not discover after the Dude vomits alllll over himself on the plane that I didn’t pack any extra clothes??  Really, mundane.

So to distract me, I’m posting this AMAZING dress DownEast Basics just put out.  They’s so cheap that stuff like this goes super fast, and I’m really tempted.  What a fabulous color!  I’ll be dreaming of this tomorrow as I jet off into the wild blue yonder with two potentially hysterical children….

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Points of interest and irritation:

1. Hunting season started today.  Apparently EVERYONE here does it, which is why I am aware of this for the first time in my life.  There’s neon orange jumpsuits all over the place.  I think it’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever witnessed.  People, there’s a grocery store down the street with dead animals in it, go buy them instead of sitting in the cold damp outdoors trying to find some unsuspecting animal to shoot to make you feel all manly.  What, you can’t afford to buy the meat at the store and THAT’S why you and your buddies just spent a thousand bucks on guns and beer and gear?  Go to college, get a degree and a job that will give you enough money to buy the dead animals.

I’m not a vegetarian, just a suburbanite.  Living out in the sticks is just weirding me out like crazy today.

2.  There was a lovely little parade in Baraboo for the opening of the Christmas season.  They sure do know how to do these little things all cute and dandy in the small towns.  No one shot at us though, so that was nice. 

3.  The crazy people across the street REALLY want us to buy their house.  Crazy, old people who have a good case - they paid too much for the house, and already own a farm or something somewhere else and want to move back there to be near their daughter who has cancer.  I get it, and I feel for them.  But I just got through selling a house and the LAST thing I want to do is go buying a house here in the Middle Of Nowhere before we know where Husband’s job is going (stay here, or relocate, who the heck knows) and then have to try and sell a house out here in the Middle Of Nowhere.  Nooooo thankee. 

But they keep coming over to give us presents and tell us to come look at the house.  I am a shallow little libra with a love language of gifts and even I am sick of getting these guilt gifts!!  STOPPIT!!!!  She comes over a ever few days, hands me a bag of stuff and starts talking a mile a minute - she’s NUTS, people.  In fact, she saw the missionaries by our place this week and talked to them, and when she found out that WE were Mormon and knew them, she tried to talk them in to talking us into buying their house.  WILL THE MADNESS NEVER END?!?! 

4.  That is all.  I’m hitting the hay.

Friday, November 20, 2009

I don’t know the story, but I do know someone is selling these Laptop Steering Wheel Desks on Amazon - and some very funny people think it’s just as bad of an idea you and I do, so the comments section is full of comedy gold.  Think the Three Howling Wolves t-shirt hilarity.  Read the reviews for a laugh (and the photos added by customers), my personal favorite ( I couldn’t stop laughing for a good minute) was this one.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The characters in this movie should be arrested for loitering with intent to moan.

The characters in this movie should be arrested for loitering with intent to moan.
Ebert!!! on the new twilight %$#%. (via goldenfiddle,halffiction,inothernews,anonanimal)

  • That rock star thing.

  • Yachting.

  • Flying.

  • Learn to speak Italian, just for an excuse to go there.

  • Suzuki master teacher.

  • Tap dancing and/or Irish dancing.

  • Take a cooking class.

  • Try to decorate my home.

  • Ride Husband’s scooter, alone.

  • Get another masters in music therapy.

  • Sing.


Wednesday, November 18, 2009


This mom and maid job get infinitely more difficult when babies refuse to be put down and girls miss their Nana so much they can’t see straight. Luggage should be unpacked, the mystery smell in the kitchen should be found and dealt with, and at some point today I should have put on clothes. But for right now, all I can do is mother. It stinks that when Huaband comes home, it’ll look like all I did was sit on the floor all day. Which I did, because that’s what they needed. I wish mothering all day looked as accomplished as a clean kitchen does.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

We sold our house today. I would have cried more, except the closing attorney had Girardelli (sp?) chocolates. And now we’re back on the road.

It feels so bittersweet. I really, really miss Atlanta, and I don’t want to put down roots anywhere else just to have them pulled up again. If Atlanta isn’t my home, where is home? It was only home for 2 2 year stints, but it felt the most like home yet. I met my husband there, got pregnant there twice, though never gave birth there. Sigh…

Monday, November 16, 2009

So tonight I’m just phoning it in. Literally, since I’ve been posting via my iPhone. See, this is why I don’t post everyday. Some days are spectacular and post-worthy and some are blahdy busy. But NaBloPoMo marches on.

Tomorrow we (hopefully) sell our house and leave the south for Iceburg once more. The weather has been amazing and so have our friends… remind me again why we left? Oh yes, we like having an income. Silly us.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Husband with Grandpa. This is my future - those guys are twins. Rowr.

So you know how when you get to go home to visit and you have all this stuff planned to do bit then it turns out there is nowhere near enough time to see everyone and do everything? I’m exhausted! I’m starting to understand the logic in not telling anyone you’re in town…

But tonight is special. I’m staying overnight with one of my favorite violin student’s houses. The mom is like a computer hacker but for motherhood and the girl is one of WG’s best friends. And of course they adore Dude, who wouldn’t?? Surrounded by family and friends, I haven’t seen WG this honestly happy since we moved 5 months ago. It makes my heart ache and I don’t want to leave all these people who love her. Also, these guys just supplied all of Dude’s wardrobe for the next 2 years. It’s gooood to have friends like these. And I feel all empowered, I just packed up a bag and took 2 kids on an overnighter. Like a mom who knows what she’s doing. One more day in the paradise we call the south…

Saturday, November 14, 2009

I’m going on a date!! We’re going to my all-time favorite sushi place with some friends then crashing a wedding reception for an old friend. I miss this so so much…

I’m wearing my sweet new dress and these purple tights for fun. Husband thinks I look like a witch, but I feel all kinds of fun. What else can you wear purple tights with anyway?

Friday, November 13, 2009

Hello Madison airport. We’re heading to the ATL to do the closing on our house. !!!!! We’ve only been through security but I’m already doubting my ability to be able to wrangle two kids by myself when we hit Denver for Thanksgiving, but if the payoff is mommy time, I’ll suffer gladly. Vocally too, but we already knew that.

Now onto shushing 2 kids for 2 flights. I’m already getting looks from fellow passengers who are annoyed I’ve got kids. Little do they know I have the BEST kids ever. My kids may not eat broccoli everyday, but they know how to jet set, boy howdy.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


When I was dressing up for Halloween, I discovered something shocking - I don’t own a single tube of lipstick.  That’ll flabbergast any of you who knew me way back when, especially during the unfortunate Sally Jessy Raphael glasses years with firetruck red lipstick to match ‘em every day.  The years passed, the lipstick became mostly for concerts and dates, but when I met my husband lipstick just got in the way of making out, so I stopped wearing it altogether.  Two kids later and with flu season on us, I think I’ve only gotten lip action once in the last 2 weeks, so I realized it was time to return to my roots.  Today when I stopped at the drugstore to get a new tube of mascara, there was a BOGOfree sale with all the cosmetics… and I went all retro and got something called “Temptation.”

The only drawback so far is all the smooching I give the Dude makes him look like he was on the loosing side of a food fight.  Tomatoes, mostly. Heh.

viamusichistory:postpunk: Sesame Street - C Is For Cookie (Larry Levan remix) Egg City Radio recently posted some Sesame Street disco LPs, and I was quite pleased to find a remix by Paradise Garage legend Larry Levan. (Granted, “Me Lost Me Cookie At The Disco” is equally wonderful.)


Sesame Street - C Is For Cookie (Larry Levan remix)

Egg City Radio recently posted some Sesame Street disco LPs, and I was quite pleased to find a remix by Paradise Garage legend Larry Levan. (Granted, “Me Lost Me Cookie At The Disco” is equally wonderful.)

Monday, November 9, 2009

Our challenges, including those we create by our own decisions, are part of our test in mortality. Let me assure you that your situation is not beyond the reach of our Savior. Through Him, every struggle can be for our experience and our good (see D&C 122:7). Each temptation we overcome is to strengthen us, not destroy us. The Lord will never allow us to suffer beyond what we can endure (see 1 Corinthians 10:13).”  - Robert D. Hales

I was recently called “too perfect” by someone who only knows me by my statistics - wife, mother, educated, middle class, etc.  Quite the wake up call in remembering that we all have it rough, but can hopefully end up polished.  No matter what our strength level is, we all are carrying a heavy load - whether a pound of bricks or a pound of feathers, it’s still a pound.

So just sayin’, before you assume they’re wearing their shades because they think they are da bomb, maybe they are trying to cover up their puffy eyes, same as you.

Wow.  When you look at it that way… being a girl stinks.


Mr. Gorbachev tear down this wall.

A. Ronald Reagan

B. Mikhail Gorbachev

C. David Hasselhoff

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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Ug, I forgot how hard it is to find a second to post on Sundays.  I’ll have to plan ahead next week.  Rest assured, I have a mouthful of things to complain about, including wearing heels to church.  ADORABLE heels, fantastic outfit, that all worked in theory, except I just can’t wear heels anymore.  I forgot how, I was trying not to fall over and kill myself or walk like a robot (or Julia Roberts, she does NOT have a sexy walk, case in point - when she does her walk-away from Andy Garcia at the end of Ocean’s 11 - that’s what I looked like today, bah).  WHy must heels look so right and feel SO wrong??

But they were HOTT.  I’ll share pix tomorrow, for now, check out these awesome party plates.  Am I the ony one that has to decide between eating and drinking at cocktail parties where there’s no tables?  This solves it!  Must make some.

(via applearts:15 Useful and Creative Inventions)

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Everyone should get a Pascal weekend. Kids love him, Husband has a partner in crime and I get an excuse to go to the cheese factory. Win-win-win.

Friday, November 6, 2009

indulge me

Indulge me today, this is a story I just feel like telling.

So we’ve established that getting my masters was the most difficult 2 years of my life.  I’ve let go of most of it emotionally, but this one story comes to me every so often and all the emotions come flooding back.

My last semester, I took an ethnomusicology class from an eccentric prof, Dr.  Solis.  I just looked him up on the ASU website, and I have to share the official picture he has on the school website:

Classic.  It was my favorite class of my entire masters.  We studied music from all over the world, how people study said music and the consequences of an outsider studying music and seeing it through their own Western understanding of music theory and such.  It was fascinating - and to prove his point, once a week we all had to meet up and learn to play all the instruments in an actual Javanese gamelan without benefit of written music.  Very humbling and eye opening, and one of the only hours a week I actually enjoyed myself.

And then he announced the coolest assignment ever - we were going to write ethnographies on another student in the class and present how different influences in their lives had shaped the musician they were.  How cool!  I couldn’t wait to hear what someone came up with my odd musical past.  One girl in class approached me and asked to be my partner, and her ethnography was really wild -she’d trained in musical theater but after traveling as a humanitarian all over the far east, she was actually about to move to Nepal to be a radio DJ.  It was a blast to study and write.  But when I offered to give her an interview to study my side, she cheerfully informed me that she was only auditing the class and was not required to do the assignments.  Total buzzkill.

The day we presented, we all had a blast learning about the different influences of our classmates, but I had to fight back tears.  One, because I’m overly emotional, but two, because it perfectly illustrated my tenure as a graduate student - always the odd man out.  I was too alternative for the other string players (including my professor), never anywhere as good as any of them, and never fit in with any of the people at church.  No one ever talked to me at institute.  I was just too… different.  And here I was, in my favorite class, the only one missing out on this assignment.  I didn’t think anyone would notice, but at the end of the class, Dr. Solis asked my partner to present her paper on me, and she told him she didn’t do one.  He looked honestly horrified, and found me later to apologize over and over.  Of course, being me, I went home to cry, but it made me feel so much better to know that he’d noticed and cared.

A few weeks later, I had my comprehensive exams, where all my professors submitted questions and I had 4 hours to write answers that proved to them I knew enough to graduate.  They were arguably the toughest 4 hours of my life - I didn’t stop typing for a second, terrified I would forget the name of a technique or composer and I’d be denied my degree.  It took me 2 hours to answer the question “Give the history of the violin concerto, citing specific works, years and techniques introduced.”  My tendonitis was screaming in my arms, but I didn’t stop typing - until I got to my last question in the last 15 minutes.  It was the only one submitted by Dr. Solis, and it was this: “Write your ethnography.”  I actually cried with relief when I saw it.  My history is crazy interesting - I was a classical violinist that began studying jazz and other styles and traveled all over the world to learn from different masters of their craft - heck, one year of my undergrad, I exasperated my professor by only being able to play a bow techique I’d mastered for jazz that emulated the breathy sound of a saxophone.  Great for Coltrane, not so good for the Bruch concerto.

It was so kind of him.  And weeks later when I found out the results, my violin professor told me how I’d “barely passed,” what with me just not fitting in as the perfect violin student or being as good as I should have been.. at anything.  I didn’t care - because the word “barely” was nowhere near as important as “PASSED.”  Something tells me that last question and his scoring may have been what pushed me over the top.

She was actually out of town for graduation, and so I asked Dr. Solis to hood me in the official ceremony.  I’m so glad that’s how it turned out.  I’ll always love him for showing concern for me and caring enough to give me that question.

Every now and then, I think of that experience and feel sad I never got to have anyone do a report on me.  Those 2 years really broke my spirit, ug.  You know what put it back together again?  Joining the BorderCollies.  Playing in a celtic band with a motley crew of musicians, some of us who had no business playing celtic music, but going ahead and being AWESOME anyway.  The members of that band are the best musicians I have ever worked with, and it was such an honor and delight.  And all the people who bought our CDs, that came to our gigs and supported us, were the bandaid my musical self needed.

I wonder what my ethnography would be now?  Classical Suzuki trained violinist, turned jazz fiddler, turned electric rock violinist, add a dash of Latin, Klezmer and Indian music, then a 4 year stint as a celtic violinist who now does nothing but change diapers all day.  I wish someone had written a paper on me before I had to close that chapter of my life.  But I have that 15 minute ethnography that Dr. Solis gave me, and I’ll forever love that crazy professor for that tender mercy.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

I’m landlocked today. Well, every day really. What else is there to do in the Middle Of Nowhere Wisconsin*?So not shockingly, I’m feeling a little low today and lonely, so I made my clone-girl a puppet theater so she can entertain me all evening long.

That, my friends, is the best kind of child labor there is.

  • The Middle Of Nowhere being specifically about 60 minutes north of a Target store in Madison. I figure all my geography in relation to the closest Target, don’t you?

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Oh, did I forget to mention OUR HOUSE IN ATLANTA IS UNDER CONTRACT???  And we have to head there in a week and a half for the closing??  Can you believe someone is buying that house??  I never thought anyone other than my wacky self would want that crazy house on the hill, but someone does!!

Anyone else feel like dancing?!

blast from the past

This was originally posted by moi July 20, 2005.  We were just 7 months into our marriage, and at that point we’d only even known each other a year. 

So I’m sitting there on the couch with Jared, when I notice he’s on the A Current Affair website’s commentary page, snickering to himself.

This is what he wrote to them:

just curious how your exhaustive hunt for bigfoot is goin. can you give me an update? i been out lookin for him since you showed your show and was wondering how much you think that his pelt is worth. your show is the best one that I like on the TV. i even worked up my own t-shirt with your logo. i didn’t have a new one, so i used one of my old daddy’s shirts. mama said he aint comin back so it was ok. i wear it everyday. ok well, the librarian keeps askin me to leave the libary sayin I’m stinkin up the place and scarin all the other people so I’m gonna go. please write to me and tell me about bigfoot and if you want we can split the pelt money if you want to.

i love you.

Where does he get these ideas?? The best part was how much he laughed at himself. I wonder what would happen if I locked him a room with nothing but some spagetti. Something tells me I’d find it friggin hilarious.


At our trunk or treat this year.  I’m smiling because that’s the same dress I wore to my senior recital when I was 22.  And it wasn’t even tight.  WOOT.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Just think about it .. you’ll get it.

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a Dr. Laura moment

Yesterday WonderGirl did not nap, then the missionaries popped in that night and her bedtime was pushed back about an hour.  So by the time Husband was trying to get her to bed, she had a full-on meltdown.  I have no idea what it was about - I think she was screaming something about juice.  I was trying to feed and sleepify the Dude, so I was just listening to the crazy.  She was in her room alone since we don’t allow her tantrums anywhere else in the house.  You need to scream like an animal?  You don’t get an audience.  And she adores an audience.  What tantruming kid doesn’t love an audience? 

When it was apparent she was going to tear the walls down, I about lost control and announced I was going to go in there and tear her head off, but Husband stopped me and calmly went into her room, picked her up, carried her into the bathroom and dropped her in a cold tub full of water.  It was the perfect SNAP OUT OF IT move, I was so crazy impressed with him.  As she stood there sputtering and all confused like a drowned rat, he calmly explained why he did what he did and what her consequences were.  And she got it.  She went down like a light after that.

Here’s my take on discipline - the kid has got to know there are consequences to their actions.  And I don’t just mean they get their favorite toy taken away or have to stand in a corner - they have to know that people, especially parents, have breaking points.  I have a temper, she knows it and I know it - and when she complains about how I yelled at her the other day, we talk about WHY mommy got to that point.  If you disobey mommy repeatedly, if you do the scream-y thing and behave the way you see those monster kids at church behave, mommy WILL break at some point and yell, since you obviously didn’t hear me the first 3 times I said to stop.  Because mommy is a HUMAN BEING and has feelings and faults, despite adoring the heck out of you.  And when WG starts acting up, I remind her what the consequence is for treating mommy that way, and most times she stops dead in her tracks.  Snappy mommy is freaky, dagnabit, and she needs to know that, for both our sakes.  One thing I do know about dogs is you don’t touch their food bowl while they’re eating or push them too much when you are teasing them, because out of instinct, they’ll attack to protect themselves.  Humans are the same way, and I’ll be darned if I’m letting my daughter out in the world without knowing that fact.

And when she’s behaving properly, I let her know it profusely. 

So last night as I sat there trying to feed the Dude and I heard the giant splash of water and the sound of my daughter overcoming her tired rage to realize she’d gone too far, I smiled.  It’s one thing to figure out your stand on how to teach and discipline your kid, but it’s another thing entirely to know your kid’s Baby Daddy is on the same page.

NaBloPoMo day 3 in the bag!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Moi. circa 1994 on an orchestra trip.  Can you tell which geek is me?

Light-up wallpaper.  Mad cool.  Someday, I will build a house.  And I will do this, so I don’t have to stress about what family photo or cutsey pictures to put on the wall.  And instead of blank walls, I will have light.  Until then… will someone please come to my house and add a few of those delightful touches that make the house not look like a college freshman decorated it?

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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Weezer : I Am The Greatest man That Ever Lived Loves me some Weezer - and this tune is quite the unique selection. If you are a music geek, someone analyzed the different styles found in this number - I don’t know if I agree with the Beethoven part but all in all it’s pretty dang intarresting. And awesome. See if you can catch them all: Live 0:00 Rap 0:35 Slipknot 1:00 Jeff Buckley 1:26 Choral 1:51 Aerosmith 2:17 Nirvana 2:43 Andrews Sisters 3:08 Green Day 3:33 Spoken word (heavily inspired by Elvis’ “Are You Lonesome Tonight?”) 4:06 Bach 4:37 Beethoven 4:54 Weezer 5:10

Weezer : I Am The Greatest man That Ever Lived

Loves me some Weezer - and this tune is quite the unique selection.  If you are a music geek, someone analyzed the different styles found in this number - I don’t know if I agree with the Beethoven part but all in all it’s pretty dang intarresting.  And awesome. See if you can catch them all:

  1. Live 0:00 

  2. Rap 0:35 

  3. Slipknot 1:00 

  4. Jeff Buckley 1:26 

  5. Choral 1:51 

  6. Aerosmith 2:17 

  7. Nirvana 2:43 

  8. Andrews Sisters 3:08 

  9. Green Day 3:33 

  10. Spoken word (heavily inspired by Elvis’ “Are You Lonesome Tonight?”) 4:06 

  11. Bach 4:37 

  12. Beethoven 4:54 

  13. Weezer 5:10 

Are you dying to know how my Halloween was?  You are?? Lucky you!!!

Wednesday day was WonderGirl’s Halloween party at her school (have I mentioned how much I love that place??) and I’d promised to dress up, plus get her and Dude all costumed up.  But the night before I’d been up almost all the bleepety-bleeping night long so I was barely functional.  I had to figure out a costume for her, and I did it maahhhvelously - I rummaged in her closet and came out with a denim jumper, blue tights, a staw hat, a bandana and a pair of glittery cowgirl boots.  Dang I’m awesome.  Then I threw on my fall-back black dress and witch hat, put Dude in a pumpkin bag and headed to play at school.  Fabulous mommying for the day achieved.

Then that night was the church Halloween party - a potluck where you were supposed to bring soup.  Husband made some AMAZING Thai Coconut soup and no one there had ever even heard of it (“Ew!  Coconut in a soup?!”).  Le sigh.  Love the boonies.  But then I got it all to myself, heh.  On the way home I decided to be a nice mommy and let WG eat some candy.  I’m usually all miserly about letting her gobble too much, but I figured she’s 3 now and I remember mom letting me eat all the candy I wanted, seeing as I was the one who had walked the entire neighborhood to get it (except for the Almond Joys.  We were required to surrender those to her).  So she ate a few Starbursts, a lollipop, and tried to eat a Twizzlers but she kept dropping it.  We got home, took baths, brushed our teeth, prayed, snuggled in bed for some stories and then snuggled like we usually do until she got groggy.  Except suddenly, without reason, she puked.  No warning, no “uuuugghhhh I don’t feel good” just BLAH, on her bed, the wall and MY HAIR.  I am now officially a mother.

Friday there was the Preschool Pumpkin parade - all the kids in town line up and walk Main Street while the shop keepers hand out candy.  I was the only mom dressed up - again in my witch costume, but dang I want WG to feel like this is a holiday for all of us, not just some thing we make her do.  Festive and all that.  Also, I think it makes me cooler than the other moms.  And since I am lacking in most of the other mom qualities - craftiness, able to cook, able to wear mom jeans - I figure I have to make up for it in Halloween costumes.

The actual Halloween night we had a church meeting down in Madison so we left WG with 2 other girls and they had a pajama party with copious amounts of popcorn and screaming and Nick Jr.

Man, when I write it all out I see how awesome I truly am, the puppet-master of her social calendar.  Someday, WG will be able to read and I want her to realize how fabulous her mom was/is.  YOU HEAR ME??  FAAAABBBUUULLLOOOOUUUUSSSS!!!

Day one of NaBloPoMo down, 29 to go!

HEAR YE. I need to document the fact that I ran 3 miles and didn't feel like death.  So just to make sure it wasn't a fluke, I did...