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via tuneage: Dent May - “You Can’t Force a Dance Party” So, apparently, the ukelele is back and nobody epitomizes that more than Mississippi’s own Dent May. His debut album, The Good Feeling Music of Dent May & His Magnificent Ukulele is chock-full of simple lyrics and pop sensibilities that just about anybody can enjoy. According to his record label, Dent Maynia (get it?) is coming and I think you’d better catch it! Catchy :) I want a ukelele now.

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musichistory: “If I Were a Rich Man” by Zero Mostel [1964] Random Music History Song of the Day I could go dozens of places with this post, but let me start here… Classical music finds its way into more “popular” music more often than one might realize. There are the obvious examples like The Toy’s 1965 hit “A Lover’s Concerto,” for which the melody was taken directly from “Minuet in G,” composed by Christian Petzold in 1725 (often mistakenly attributed to J.S. Bach). There are also less well-known examples. Both “The Free Design’s “Kije’s Ouija” from 1970 (a previous song of the day) and Greg Lake’s “I Believe in Father Christmas” from ‘75 take their melodies from “Troika,” the fourth movement of Sergei Prokofiev’s 1934 Lieutenant Kijé film score. “If I Were a Rich Man” takes both its style and melody from a theme in the third movement of Gustav Mahler’s 1896 first symphony (click to 2:35 into the linked song), which itself was partly a reworking of the traditional European folk song “Frère Jacques” into a funeral march. Follow all that? The point, then, is that new melodies are hard to come by these days. Where modern artists make their mark is in performance. Zero Mostel’s interpretation of Tevye, the Russian Milkman protagonist in Fiddler on the Roof, won him a Tony Award, and for good reason. The most impressive moment in the entire musical for Mostel came with “If I Were a Rich Man,” a performance so overflowing with personality it became arguably the defining work of Mostel’s career. The small idiosyncrasies he incorporated brought out both the solemnity and humor of Tevye’s life. The fun version of “If I Were a Rich Man” posted here comes from the cast recording of the 1964 original Broadway production of Fiddler on the Roof. I have a ton more fun facts and interesting angles to take on this song (did you know Bea Arthur was an original cast member in the ‘64 Broadway production?), but I suppose this post is long enough already…

I DID IT. Man, these anniversary videos always take 2 weeks to put together, but this year I just could NOT come up with any ideas. No songs seemed to fit. And then yesterday morning, BLAMMO. It took only a few hours and is therebynot as polished as I would have made it, but regardless, I decree it AWESOME. Some explainations: 1. Why the A-Team theme? Husband is obsessed with Mr. T. OBSESSED. When we were dating, he actually had A-Team sheets on his bed. And I arranged it for my HS orchestra (I was a teacher, remember?) to play at our wedding reception in ATL as a surprise for him. He loved it, FYI. Now, why I used it was this - the first part of this year was HARD. Doesn’t look so much by the pictures, but who takes pictures of the crummy stuff? I was sick and pregnant, and then he was laid off. We had two choices - pray we could to stay in ATL and wait until something happened, or face the facts that the job market in Georgia was awful, so we rennovated our house as much as possible to get it ready to sell and Husband flew all over the country for interviews. It was scary. It was depressing to leave all the people we loved, especially 8 months pregnant. But we did it because it was the right thing to do. The A-Team would have done the same thing. :) 2. And Dare You To Move? Good gravy, did you listen to the lyrics?? Holy make-me-bawl, Batman. We’ve moved 5 times in 5 years. We didn’t want to, but we had to take risks and do what was best for our family. We are not the sedentary kind, I’ve noticed. It’s paid off, and we’ve been extremely blessed. It has NOT been easy. But it has been worth it. PS And the last bit? One of our favorite movies of all time. I mean, we ARE Mormon.

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Don Ross : Klimbim One of my favorite songs of all time. Ross is a genius at the guitar, and this song hits some string in my insides that resonates like crazy when I hear it. It actually makes me feel healthier when I hear it and I start breathing better - good music can do that to a body.

Um… don’t know how I’ve gone this long without seeing this, but … I’m still laughing just thinking about it. SO awesomely EPIC bad. And yes, this was made recently. As in NOT in the 80s. Yeah. Also, some of the more highlarious comments made my day as well: THE UNIVERSE ASPLODE! clearly the greatest thing to happen to music since linkin park and eminem. Possibly the best music video EVER MADE.THIS SONG IS AMAZING.HE LOOKS LIKE ANN COULTER.If you don’t like this, you’re probably mentally disabled. This guy knows how to spend his money: women, explosions, guitars. He’s just so epic. he’s the chuck norris of music making.

The New Year : Death Cab For Cutie I wanted to spend the eve snuggling with my sweetheart, but my plans were foiled. So today I’m trying to give a good start to the year by dancing to this on repeat in an attempt to lose the last of this gut. Just in case it doesn’t work, I’ve now started a section in my closet entitled: Stuff I Think I Can Wear But When I Put It On I Realize It Still Doesn’t Fit Yet But Then I Put It Back And Forget And Two Days Later Try it On Again To The Same Results. I resolve to stop looking like a sausage in my pre-Dude t-shirts. You’re welcome.