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things I've learned about parenthood


The xx : Islands A bit ago, Aubrey posted about dancing to this song with her husband. She lives up in the pacific Northwest, where she is tragically hip and it makes me intensely jealous in my digs in the Midwest. I mean, this is her kitchen: DUDE. I feel so tragically un-hip. So I fell in love with this song, and have been listening to it over the last few weeks, dissecting each part. I love that about minimalist music - how you can hear each individual part doing so little, and yet when they all come together it is strangely greater than any one instrument. So then over the weekend the husband called me up all excited and told me about this amazing new band he heard about on NPR. He digs the minimalist thing too. And I got to say “The xx?? I know all about them, they are sooo cool!” And I felt less tragically un-hip. And THEN he got out his new electric drum set and told me he’d like to try and write some music with me, inspired by the awesomeness of The xx. YAY! Thanks, Aubrey!

Who else is excited about new TV season?? Here’s the Office musical to getcha going.


throwback thursday

My apologies to my FB friends who are getting duplicates of my postings, but DANG how cool?!?! They’re a dancing duo from Ireland. *swooning*

Obvious Tips For Not-Very-Good Homemakers

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via librarianpirate: Kaylee makes me watch this over and over. I’m kinda sad it’s a commercial, but it’s still AWESOME!

Palate cleanser. Weezer and the Muppets. AWESOME.


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throwback thursday

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