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(via saraplainandtall:stellarandblonde) This is one of the sweetest proposals I’ve ever seen. I’m not gonna lie, this made me cry. Partially because I miss my $%#@$% iPhone.


throwback thursday

i don't do cold.



must.... have..... fix.....

Weezer : All My Friends are Insects Friday night dance party. Seriously. With a disco ball even.

29+1 in review

the Dude is 14 months old.


Flesh Eating Liberals

telegram to the intrawebs

i've been a mom for 4 years today.

is it possible to teach a kid too MUCH manners?

throwback thursday

party time

can't help loving that man of mine

Ah, music. A magic beyond all we do here.

Weezer : Viva la Vida The other day, husband told me - “I just found out my favorite song from the new Weezer album is a cover of a Coldplay song.” Seriously. *edit* I am not ripping on the cover, I do love it - but just flabbergasted that he had not heard the Coldplay version. Aren’t all Coldplay songs licensed out so many times that even survivalists living in tiny huts in the mountains have heard them?