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urban cowboy

We might see two suns in the sky in 2012



I did it! I mean, we did it! I know I’m a week early, but inspiration hit and I had to run with it. I’m rather pleased with myself, I am.

class is in session

12 days and counting until our 6th anniversary, and I need inspiration for the video. Here’s year 5 to jog your memory. Song suggestions, please!!

via nothingsoundsbetter: “Sick of You” - Cake 2011 is here, and it brings with it a slew of releases that have me salivating with anticipation. One of the many is the upcoming Cake album, Showroom of Compassion, the first new album by Cake since 2004. Despite the extensive down-time and the incorporation of new ideas, this is vintage Cake. Listen and love as John McCrea sings about hate. - Tyler Hanan NEW CAKE!!!!!!! I need to dig out Mr. Mastadon Farm. Oh, and I did a killer version of Jolene back in the day. I saw them play in Dallas years ago and John threw a hissy fit because we weren’t cheering loud enough. It was exactly how I’d expect him to react.