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I’m feeling random. So here’sa what I’ll do for you. Ask me a question. Request a dance move, kung fu move tutorial, tour of my medicine cabinet, whatever. Within reason, of course. And I’ll make a video with my replies and etcteras. It can be anonymous or not. The above clip is from the coolest movie ever. It also seems appropriate in this case.

It’s not useful to be jealous, but do you suspect that Andrew Bird is hoarding all the talent? Singing, whistling, violining, mandoing and who knows what the heck else. Seriously. DIDN’T YOUR MAMA TEACH YOU TO SHARE, ANDREW??

this modern life

In answer to your questions, it’s almost ridiculous to imagine WonderGirl NOT having the time of her life at school. She LOVED it. Plus it’s a fantastic school and the teacher specializes in reading - so she won’t have to endure another year of learning the alphabet and she’ll be given extra time and work on HER level. She adores any teacher who is willing to say hello to her (especially you, Julie!). Seriously, I would home school her in a second, but I can’t deprive her of teachers to idolize and peers to stalk. Sigh. What about MY needs?? Anywho, this song is how school makes her feel, so I have to grin and bear it. Also, thanks for the support and encouragement :)

via ooliquidnightoo: Steve Burns Discusses “Blue’s Clues” If you are adult, and a parent that has ever watched Blue’s Clues AND have 17 minutes to kill - this will make you laugh. There’s no foul language, but I used the headphones anyway :)

i REALLY wish homeschooling was an option