Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Unfiltered edition. 

Me: trying to keep him contained.
  Him: briefly distracted by Sesame Street. (he knows where the candy is hidden and is on a mission to GET TO THERE.) 

Monday, January 26, 2015

hit me, St. Val

I was dashing through the Walgreens across town today to grab BUBBLE GUM flavored children's ibuprofen because the "fruit"  flavored stuff just ain't cutting it and if Thing 3 is going to insist on a 101+ temperature for days (and the  Dude is going to get an ear infection) ,  I am sure as heck stocking up on the one medicine flavor they'll take without protest - and I had been thinking about how awful everything feels right now.   The cold, the lack of sun,  the multiple doctor visits where we're told to wait things out,  despite the baby coughing so hard it made him throw up 4 times before 9 am this morning...  so in this crazed haze, I cut through the Valentine's aisle on my way to the drugs.

And people,  it gave me hope. I know there are people out there who claim Valentine's Day was invented by Hallmark and it's a unnecessary hassle - but to me,  especially in that craptastic moment,  it was a single,  shining reminder that there is something to look forward to. Cutting up construction paper hearts and taping them up all over the walls,  making Valentines with the kids,  dying all their food red for a week and chocolate everywhere you turn...

If I was going to invent up some holiday to sell greeting cards,  I'd put it in mid-winter too. Thank heavens some guy with a nifty name and did some nifty thing that we celebrate centuries later with cheesy cards and candy was born or died (I don't know which one it is) in the middle of February.
I need this holiday,  y'all. Every crappy and overpriced heart - shaped anything  - every DIY  gift that includes sappy double-entendres - I need it.   To the Pinterests we go!!!

Friday, January 16, 2015

guess what

Fact: my grand water experiment was over before the week was over.  I drank so much water I got sick (go Reva!)

Fact: Last weekend the husband and I spent some time away from the kids and reality to celebrate our anniversary.  It was so blasted romantic (all due to the hubs careful and awesome planning - so glad one of us can do that)and I think we should totally do it again in 10 years. He actually gave me a jar full of the reasons he loves me - ALL the reasons (which is why I hid it as soon as we got home:) and this necklace that has 10 stones surrounding the center -one for each year.

Fact: Oh yeah, it was our TENTH.  10 YEARS.  Who called that??  Not anyone who was actually present 10 years ago because I spent most of the day crying and having 14 panic attacks.  But YES. It HAPPENED.

Fact:  Here is the 10 annual video of our year:

Insert witty closing sentence here.  I've been too hazy since nearly killing myself with water to be witty.

Monday, January 5, 2015


There is no connection between this picture and this post. It just happens to make me laugh all the time. It might be my favorite thing the internets have ever done. 

Also not connected is a big thank you to your responses to my purging questions, as well as all your other general input and awesomeness!  I freaking love bloggeting. 

Now, the point. I'm kind of feeling New Year's this year. I'm not going all crazy, but I feel a little jazzed trying to do better. The real reason is we put the two older kiddos in karate and they meet different days almost every day of the week at dinner time. I need to be on my game. 

So, this morning I made a schedule,   and decided to go on a water drinking challenge thing. I know I should try and be healthier, but I'd rather not change my eating habits or exercise. Ever. So water! I saw a picture of a lady in the Daily Mail who drank 3 liters of water a day for 4 weeks and at the end, she looked way better. Notably to me, the dark circles under her eyes were way less, and I want a piece of that. 

So I drank just over 3 liters of water today, and ate some really unhealthy stuff, including a massive brownie. Except for the water, that's a normal Reva diet. And I have gone to the bathroom too many times to count and have a mad headache. I will feel awesome by February, right?  Because I think right now my body is confused by all the water and my brain is swelling in shock. 

And now, something else that made me laugh today:

It took a minute for me to get it. I think it totally fits for this post, too. If I drink a boatload of water, it cancels out every other bad decision I make within 30 minutes of drinking it!

Water is magic!

flippin' 2014

T-minus 10 days until our 10th anniversary, and I haven't even started the video.  I think I may be beat this year.  Nothing is ever going to top when we almost started a housefire in year 7.  This 55 second flip through instagram is trying to inspire me.

Friday, January 2, 2015


Happy IWILLDECLUTTER 2015!  I've been productive today.  I really, really want to get my life semi organized, and the first thing I'm doing is attacking the flotsam, aka my catch-all drawers.  Seriousy, from just the 3 tiny hidden drawers in my dressers, I unloaded all this stuff:

And most of that is either put where it should have gone in the first place, or tossed out. It feels GOOOD!!!  Except the trash dude isn't coming for another week and our bin is overflowing and there are apparently no local dumps that take random drop-offs.  GRRR.

Anywho, I narrowed down what was left into 8 small sections that I just don't have places for yet.  Or any idea of what should be done with them if they need something done with them.  So I'm coming to you to help me organize the left-overs of my purge, the things I don't feel like I should part with but don't really know what I should do with them.  Can you help me, my bloggity friends???

1. Cards/letters from the hubs.
2. My wedding invitations.  (No joke, 10 years later and I find random ones everywhere)
3. Cards from former students.
4. Paraphernalia/mementos from my various bands.
5. Random photos I will probably never put into albums.
6. Drawings/letters/cards to me from WonderGirl's ICANWRITEWORDS!! phase, about age 5.  SO FREAKING CUTE, though prolific.  I tossed the random ones, but these were the sweetest ones.
7. Sentimental artifacts (shown: a boomerang from my trip Down Under and my old iconic red glasses).
8. Cards and letters from friends.

I'll totally repay you with interesting posts.  That's another resolution of mine.  I take requests, too.  I'll need help with that as well :)

HEAR YE. I need to document the fact that I ran 3 miles and didn't feel like death.  So just to make sure it wasn't a fluke, I did...