Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Thing 3 is 4

Dear Mom,

Life would be a lot easier if you joined FB.  I'm so informative and awesome there.  It's so easy to load things.  You have your reasons, I get it it.  But sharing a big batch of Thing 3's birthday bash would be a lot easier if you'd just drink the koolaid...   Whatevs.  I'm the best daughter ever.  I'm going to blog about it like a cavemom, since I know you can find websites.

I casually mentioned the Construction theme to a friend and she revealed that it was a life goal to build a deconstructed construction birthday cake.  I'm kind and magnanimous, so I let her make it.

There are birdhouse kits under the hats.  Also there are hats.

I used our For Magic to make an archway - I like having some kind of entrance for a party, and hot dang I'm doing this from now on.

The UPS guy was kind of worried about all the caution tape.  Ha!

This was an unexpected hit - a warm up activity as people arrived was to hammer golf tees into cardboard boxes.  The girls especially got pretty violent - kinda funny, it's always the quiet ones who are into hammers.

Hammers!  Extra adults!  (I've taken to inviting the entire family of the kid's friends - not just a huge pile of kids their age.  So there are kids of all ages, I get to hang out with my friends and the kids are all comfortable with each other.)

Life is good.

Not pictured:  While the other adults cut up the cake, we had a freeze dance party.  I worked off at least half a bite of cake.

Aaaand, there's our 4 year old.  Every blasted picture was blurry because 4 years old, duh.  These were the least blurry:

You are now welcome to call me up and gush about how awesomesauce this was.
Love, Reva

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