Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I challenged WonderGirl to tidy her room, and decided to take my own advice and tackle the tangled mess that my jewelry has become. It isn’t a urgent need as I can’t wear any currently, what with the claws of destruction that are the Dude’s hands.  It was like reconnecting with old friends.  I’m not a jewelry-for-jewelry’s sake kind of gal, most of what I own has sentimental value.  I cringe when I get invited to those overpriced jewelry parties - I’d much rather spend money on a necklace from some exotic locale I’ve visited than a catalog.  There’s the necklace I wore on my wedding day that was a gift from a friend years previous, the bridesmaid necklace from Dani’s wedding - and Megan’s.  The one I bought from a Peruvian on the side of the road in Brasil, the necklace I bought at the last Scottish festival I played as a member of the BC, the bright yellow necklace my mother bought me at the Cherry Creek Arts Festival to bring me light when she wasn’t around… how long until the Dude stops clawing at anything shiny he sees?

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