Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Thing 3 is 4

Dear Mom,

Life would be a lot easier if you joined FB.  I'm so informative and awesome there.  It's so easy to load things.  You have your reasons, I get it it.  But sharing a big batch of Thing 3's birthday bash would be a lot easier if you'd just drink the koolaid...   Whatevs.  I'm the best daughter ever.  I'm going to blog about it like a cavemom, since I know you can find websites.

I casually mentioned the Construction theme to a friend and she revealed that it was a life goal to build a deconstructed construction birthday cake.  I'm kind and magnanimous, so I let her make it.

There are birdhouse kits under the hats.  Also there are hats.

I used our For Magic to make an archway - I like having some kind of entrance for a party, and hot dang I'm doing this from now on.

The UPS guy was kind of worried about all the caution tape.  Ha!

This was an unexpected hit - a warm up activity as people arrived was to hammer golf tees into cardboard boxes.  The girls especially got pretty violent - kinda funny, it's always the quiet ones who are into hammers.

Hammers!  Extra adults!  (I've taken to inviting the entire family of the kid's friends - not just a huge pile of kids their age.  So there are kids of all ages, I get to hang out with my friends and the kids are all comfortable with each other.)

Life is good.

Not pictured:  While the other adults cut up the cake, we had a freeze dance party.  I worked off at least half a bite of cake.

Aaaand, there's our 4 year old.  Every blasted picture was blurry because 4 years old, duh.  These were the least blurry:

You are now welcome to call me up and gush about how awesomesauce this was.
Love, Reva

Thursday, December 8, 2016


Nothing like waking up to a puking kid at 2am to get you in the blogging mood!

I can't fall back asleep and I need to stay vigilant for round three (already had round two).  It's the Dude, poor thing.  He isn't much of a puker so this is unusual.  He also feels and processes things differently, so he's not 100% sure how his body is feeling and I honestly think he doesn't feel pain in the same way as the rest of us.  So in between puking fits he was trying to have a conversation about something completely unrelated, but his sentences would be interrupted by gakking.

Enough about puke though - (although, I'm a mommy blogger, so that's kind of why you came here, right?) on to the update of random current facts!

*  We moved!  3 blocks away.  During the summer.  I did leave for a few weeks there and the big stuff was moved then, but I think I took about 1,743 little trips of loads in the van.  It was different from a cross-country move, but just as exhausting.  We weren't planning on staying in the neighborhood, but the house came on the market and just felt right.  So the Dude got to stay at his school and I didn't have to learn new routes to get places.  Woop!

* WonderGirl is in middle school - and I din't know if I mentioned it, but last year was awful.  Her classmates were cruel and her teacher didn't do anything to stem it until I finally sent the husband in.  I'd sent countless emails to teachers and counselors, all sticky sweet because that's how I roll, but I finally asked for husband's t write a letter and it was kind of terrifying, but it got the job done and the last few weeks were bearable.  I pity the people he has to negotiate with at work.  But this year, she is a changed girl - coming home every day with positive adventures and stories of the science class lizard and tales of Drama club.  I asked her what the difference was this year from last, and she told me it was that she wasn't being bullied anymore.  Yeouch, and oh thank heavens.  It was heartbreaking to watch, but it makes life sooo much sweeter now.

* I got a fisheye lens for my birthday!!  And the kids got a trampoline for the new house.  No one has broken anything so far, and it is so, so awesome.

* I stumbled on these pics just now - the Dude is totally into history right now, and requested an American Revolutionary War party.  My genius?  I set up an obstacle course through the house that I called "Minute Man Training" and at the end, there was a pic of King George on the fence with shaving cream for hair - and the kids took their "muskets" and sprayed off the shaving cream, or as I called it, "Shooting the Wig Off of Old King George."

And no kid's birthday party is complete until they all start chanting "No taxation without representation!!" at the fence.

I'm pretty sure that this totally voided the warranty on the trampoline, but then we threw all the kids on it with a massive amount of water balloons and let them have at it.

 Bonus - cleanup was a cinch.

And here's a fun twist - since then, the Dude has switched sides, now considers himself British (he actually prays with a British accent now) and deems the American rebels as traitors.  Yay!

* This Christmas was so sorely needed for our family.  We needed a season of giving and service and focusing on each other.  A friend gave us a Giving Manger and it has been such a blessing!

 The idea is to place straw in the manger every time you do an act of service for someone, and at Christmas the baby Jesus arrives in the manger that is now filled with good deeds that soften his bed.

It's now 5am and I am going to try and organize some 365 shots before the family gets up.  I'm only a month behind, I can get that done in an hour!  Maybe!  Anywho, have an awesome day :)

Sunday, November 13, 2016

This is the first year in 10 years that I didn't post for NaBloPoMo, and it wasn't an accident. I promise I've felt guilty about it every day.  But if y'all send me fan mail (hi Kim!!) then I have motivation to post.  Ironically, I was just telling WonderGirl she HAS to write in her journal at least a week, so maybe I'll take a bit of my own advice.  Starting with now, dagnabit.  Halloween 2016 recap, yall! 

The Dude: - Revolutionary War soldier - for the BRITISH.  He has started faking a British accent and insisting people call him London, or Joe Cool.  Because reasons.

WonderGirl - Captain Literally.  She's currently obsessed with Studio C, so duh.

Thing 3 - a lion, because we have a lion costume that fits him. (Poor youngest child)

Husband -  Tape Face.  Because with duct tape over his mouth, he didn't have to talk to ANYone.  It was kind of the best church activity he's ever been to.

Me - Sleepy?  I dunno, I had footy PJs and a sleep mask.  I wore it last year.  I was busy enough sewing up WG's and finding duct tape, I never thought about me, so sleepy it is.  Cuz I IS.

Monday, September 26, 2016


The older kids are at school... the preschooler (just on Tuesdays and Thursdays) is napping... probably.  And I?

I'm almost 37.

I put that picture up instead of a selfie because I'm realizing I am kind of uncomfortable being anything but their mom.  I've been that for so long that being anything else doesn't feel... right.  I went into motherhood kicking and screaming louder than the kids came into this world.   And now, it's a shield.  I'm bad at life?  That's cool.  I stand behind the spastastic half-nekid toddler to distract from my own crazy.  Or the dizzying autistic kid.  Or the loud tween.

I was a teen once.  It took a while to take myself seriously and realize that I was old enough to be expected to have the capacity to drive myself across the state for rehearsals, auditions, etc.  And to be responsible for so, so much knowledge - that if I didn't get and retain it, I'd have no shot at college and the life college brings.

Then I was a college student, which is what I'd always wanted to be.  It was hard, but I loved it.

Then I was old enough to graduate and it took a while to recognize that I wasn't just a college kid anymore.  Teaching high school was so confusing and difficult.  I just couldn't picture myself as that person and I was a ball of nerves and contradictions the entire time.

Then I got married.  That was a hard transition, but the plus side is I got a husband who loved me and wanted to be with me forever.  That's kind of awesome.

Then I got pregnant.  And moved to Brasil.  The day we went to get visas and junk, the lady processing us asked me what my occupation was and I couldn't answer violinist - violin teacher - or anything familiar, because I wouldn't be doing those things there.  So she put "Homemaker" on my form.  I turned to Jared and started silently yelling.  Not that there is anything wrong with that job - but I had no experience with that, no history, and it was not something I'd ever, ever had to come to terms with.

In Brasil, I was alone with a baby.  I was suicidal, scared, sick, and a total mess.  I couldn't come to terms that I was now a mother.  Being a mother meant that I had given up everything familiar and was now going through the worst physical and emotional pain I could imagine.  A few years down the road, with experience and medication under my belt, I started feeling less like a liar when I said I had a daughter.  And then a son.  And then another son.  I was and still am a mess of an adult - I don't understand mortgages, or the stock market, but no one really judges you on those things when they see you chasing your half naked son through a library.  They are just like - "that's a mom."

So I am a mom.  It's safe and protective.  It covers a multitude of my inadequacies.

But for 3 hours a day on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I'm not a mom.  I'm a woman who has their 3 year old in preschool.  I don't know what to do with myself, and it makes me panic to think that in 2 years, I'll have 8 hours a day 5 days a week where I won't be able to hide behind a spastic child.

It's weird how terrifying that is.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

we vacay right

Around year ago, a friend posted an Instagram pic of her and her kid at Disneyland for an apparent birthday trip.  I was like, how fun is that??  And she was like yeah - this is a family tradition  - the 8th birthday is a big deal because our kids get baptized, but for their 9th birthday, they felt it was one of the last times their kid could go to Disneyland as a kid.  And that struck me because - I'd never taken WonderGirl to Disneyland.  Because she has 2 younger brothers who can't be trusted in public.  I adore them, but they are regularly just one step away from licking a stranger.  Someday, heck yes, we are going for a fun vacay, but not until the husband and I don't have to switch off "Dude/Thing 3-duty every time we go outside of our own house (and actually, we have to pull sifts at home too).

So I spent a year pouring over maps and plane schedules, and made it happen.  It was... unbelievable.  So awesome.  As I walked into the park, I could feel my awed 17 year old self  in the summer of '97 walking Main Street at my first job - and I was overwhelmed with the reality of walking the same steps 19 years later with my 9 year old daughter.

Honestly, I cried on and off all day.  I enjoyed every second with WG.  I rented a Kia and they gave me this instead:

A video posted by @onebrickshyish on
... So that video was absolutely necessary.  And the 45 minute wait so this could happen?
A video posted by @onebrickshyish on

.... all her idea, and the best idea ever.  We were walking past this long line that morning and couldn't see what it was for, so we asked someone and they told us it was to sign up for the Jedi Training show later that day.  I figured it was a long wait and we should move on, but she insisted it was worth it.  Right on, girl.

Anywho, but the time the Dude turns 9, the new Star Wars land should be open.

Can't wait!!!

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Missed one day because I was too busy enjoying my family! And making sushi!

Missed another day because I got Ebola! Happy winter season!

Thursday, November 26, 2015

It was Thanksgiving! I didn't cook anything! I'm thankful for all these people! And you! And exclamation points!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

No one threw up today! We went out for lunch with the girls to celebrate my mom's birthday! Our waiter Gilbert photobombed us!

And now there is a picture of him on the Internet!

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

We're in Colorado! Yesterday the hubs got sick and today WonderGirl and Thing 3 spent the entire day throwing up! So I'm going to bed now, totally wiped out! Happy Tuesday!

Sunday, November 22, 2015

We just played a party for some friends and now we have to get the kids to bed so we can be up at 4am for a 6am flight. So pray for us...

Friday, November 20, 2015

Enjoy these random phone pictures.

I'm going to be bold. At some point - possibly in 2015 - I'm going to be able to touch my toes while standing with my knees straight and all that. I've been googling it and it seems mixed - some places say you can loosen up tight hamstrings, and some say WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?? ABORT ABORT!!
But since Monday, I'm pretty sure I've gotten a millimeter closer.

Oh, and on a totally unrelated note - the whole family is flying to Colorado for Thanksgiving next week. For a week. It is so surreal to be packing sweaters while wearing shorts. Have I mentioned how much I am digging living here??