Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Okay, I LOVE the intrawebs for great ideas that make me look like I’m a way cooler mom than I am.  So I’ll put my one idea out there that I declare does not stink.

Smoothies.  It’s hot, so smoothies are a fantastic breakfast and you can stick tons of healthy stuff into.  I personally throw a ton of flax seed in.  We drink ‘em for breakfast - and then  - here’s my SUPERDUPERSCHMOOPER BIG IDEA - I freeze the rest in popsicle containers.  When the heat index is above 100 like it is this week - smoothie pops for breakfast!  Or lunch, or whatever.  But it’s super nice to not have to fix a meal and just send them outside to get messy.

You’re welcome.  And if you thought of it first, congrats.

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