This is one of the Dude's favorite books, and I LOVE to hear him read it.  Its moments like this that get me through the bipolar badger moments of his toddler-hood.  The sweet moment was gone when he tried to lick the camera, which is why the video ends with me yelping.


Jane said…
Did you change your commenting forum style thing? It didn't ask me for a profile which is FANTASTIC since that never works.
Such a good story! I love that he puts the expressions in it too.
Padme said…
OHMYGOSH I want that book!!!!! And it made me feel way better as I can barely do anything other than curl in a ball currently due to problems with anti-baby meds.
Elizabeth said…
Yeah...I love it. Yes, I watched it AGAIN...sorry, I am a bit obsessed with super cute kid videos, and your kids fit the bill every single time.

And you know, I think it's funny that you put 'FEEEED MEEEEE!!!!' at the top of the comments box. You updating along with all others updating their blogs does the same effect on when you don't update, I get antsy. I'm one to talk though, I need to update in a bad way.
Maria said…
He is so cute!!!!!! He really looks like you! So does Solei!

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