I can't help but share one of those sad moment where I consider myself seriously awesome for very small reasons.  We're all used to this.  I'm planning WonderGirl's birthday shindig for next week (which is a much smaller gathering than last year) and the theme is ARTIST!  There will be painting of food and paper alike.  I was contemplating things and it occurred to me that it would be sooo coool if the girls could wear berets like real French artsy stereotypes.  So after 2 seconds of looking for cheap berets online, I found some tutorials and realized this was seriously up my alley.  Check this out!!

I took a 20 inch circle of some cheap practice material and sewed a casing around the outside and slipped some elastic inside and tied it to fit her head.  A total of 4 minutes. 

Artsy and fartsy, right???

I know no one comes here for crafty stuff since this is soooo not that kind of blog, but we do come here for my blatant self promotion.  Which is kind of redundant, seeing as it IS a blog.  ANYwho, how cool is this??? I really dig my sewing machine, AND my inspiration.


Elizabeth said…
LOVE it! You, my friend, are amazing with that machine. I wish I could figure my stupid machine out...

Seriously, amazingly cute! Love love love!!
Mrs. Smith said…
Oh my goodness! This is sooooooo cute!!!!!!!!
Jane said…
As long as the play paint and the food paint don't get mixed up.
Maria said…
I LOVE the party idea and the berets are amazing! You are sooo creative! I might totally do this for a future party:-)Solei is so lucky to have such an awesome mommy, and is going to love her party!

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