Wednesday, November 9, 2011

if i'm going to be stuck in this house for the next 6 months, at least i will be amused

And so - my confinement has begun.

&^%^&%$*^$^%^^%$ Wisconsin winter.

A package came today, so there was a box.  I'm usually against boxes, the kids take them and claim them for Spain or something else insane like that, then fight over them and in the process destroy them and cry because they broke the boxes.  And I have no pity.  None at all.

Today, since I've been walking around in a ihatewintersososomuchimgoingtokilleverythingeveryonemustsuffer kind of way I failed to notice that WonderGirl not only claimed the box but somehow produced a twin so both kids could pal around destroying and crying.  Oh yay.  Except this moment - I even had the camera close by - made it kind of worth it.

Yes, the composition and lighting is terrible.  But it was so blasted cute, and the Dude was yelling "all aboard!  Choo choo!"  I tried another one but the moment was gone as usual, and this was what I got:

I love it.

So, you all were like "He asked for cookies!  Get the man some cookies!" and so I did.  First thing this morning WG and I made a batch of oatmeal cookies and only ruined half.  That might be some kind of record for me. In the process of the morning the Dude ate about 8 cookies and half of an apple.  I don't know if that's a good thing.

Did he ask politely?  See for yourself:

YEAH.  I KNOW.  Did your ovaries just go all "eeee!!!!!!!" ?  I totally get that.  My kids have that effect on people.

Um.  So WG just begged to go outside and play in the snow and I was all nuuuuuuuhhhhh.  Because we all know there is no way I'm going out there.  Then she said "I can go myself!" and got dressed in all that snow stuff HERSELF.  So now she's gleefully throwing snowballs at the front door and I'm sitting in the chair by the front window snapping pictures thinking that this 5 year old gig is kind of awesome.

Also, I just noticed it was GPOYW.  So here it is.  Blurry, but that's how things are going today.

Holy snap, WG is throwing snowballs at the Dude in the window and he is laughing hysterically.  It does not get cuter than these wonderful, neurotic, borderline bipolar children.


Cathie said...

Based on how much sugar I add when eating oatmeal, the cookies actually have an advantage of protein from the egg. Those cookies are whole grain, woman!

Jane said...

Awesome indeed. Great pictures and I am impressed that ANYone wants to go out in weather like that. Though I did when I was young and parents thought I was nuts.

Maria said...

What little cuties!!! I love how he asks so politely-what an angel!! You are such a GREAT mom! Confession: I never thought to teach Scarlett "May I please have..." and to not say "I want..." However, after reading your post about how that is rude, I realized we could do better too!!! So that day I told Scarlett about it when she said, "I want some cherries." She was so upset when I told her she had to say, "May I please have cherries," but finally she did and got some. The awesome thing is that it stuck-and now she says, "May I please...." for everything and I love it! So thank you for putting that out there-you are making the world a more polite place!!

Elizabeth said...

Ha, I am thinking back to my time as a little one and I all of a sudden realized that I don't remember playing with my Mom in the snow. I think she sent us out to freeze our tushies off and have a good time while she stayed warm and toasty. I will have to ask her if that was really how it was. I remember playing with my Dad in the snow. And my sister. And the neighbors snow fort/tunnel/slide/incredible masterpiece of architecture made entirely of snow.

The Atomic Mom said...

Oh my gracious...Dude has the most delectable cheeks. :)

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