Monday, November 7, 2011

la de dah day

So you know my perfect little bro?  He and his perfect wife had a perfect baby and then he made this perfect video that is just so adorable I can hardly see straight.

Michael has been kept unconscious the last week and his lovely wife has requested pictures and cards to cheer him in the long, long, long, oh-so-long recovery process when he wakes up.  I've been thinking about what I could do, and along with some physical things, I really want to write a song.  Something epic, something Michael-worthy.  I have a bridge thingy, some ideas, but they aren't awesome yet.  It's great to be sitting around fiddling with a purpose.

While I was trying to find my muse, WonderGirl came downstairs and wanted to jam with me.  She got her violin out and we did jam - and then, she asked me to teach her a fiddle song.  Which she learned quickly, and then she asked to learn Jingle Bells and can play it all too.  She's only been playing a few months!  I should have expected it, given her track record.  Oh, and then we had a piano lesson and she killed on that too.  She figured out Silent Night - even with that pesky B flat.  I kind of feel like a superstar.  I HAVE MADE A MUSICIAN.  

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Jane said...

She *IS* yours...
Hope Michael continues to improve. It takes a long time to recover from things like that.

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