Monday, January 9, 2012

lucky number seven

Year 7 from Reva Paget on Vimeo.

I think we'll call this year the Year Reva Got The Fancy Camera And Tried Hard To Take Nice Pictures And Posted Them ALL On Her Blog So This Is Just A Bunch Of Same 'Ol Same 'Ol To The Dedicated Blog Stalker Or My Mom.  But I do like it.  I was stumped for some kind of fabulous ending, when I thought about maybe having WonderGirl and I write a big number 7 with a sparkler in the dark basement.  Because it was dark, and also not 20 degrees down there.

Those of you who follow me on FB already know that this brilliant idea helped me learn a valuable lesson about where the smoke detector is in the basement.  And how to turn it off.  And also scared the snot out of me.

The best part was I was trying to talk WG into it, and she responded with- "Do you know how many matches it takes to burn a house down, Mom??"  Hmmm..  how many?

"ONE."  Firefighter Tom taught her a little too well at school this year.

Anywho, the resulting mess was just the touch I needed.  Our year ended with a sucker punch and 2012 promises to be one of the roller coaster ones, so I wasn't in the most festive of moods when I picked out the music.  A little arson was just what I needed.  Enjoy!

PS  Our anniversary is actually next Sunday.  I'll be sufficiently mushy then.  I have to jump when the creative spirit decides to strike and this year it came early, so the video did too.


Jane said...

As usual, a smash hit. It looks amazing to be you from this side o the computer.
I am pretty sure you did not post all those pictures before. What about the ice skating one? Need the story there. Also, I love that half of Jared's pictures are with his hand in front of the camera.
Happy 7th anniversary!!

Heidi said...

Great job, Reva!!...I loved it!!!! Happy anniversary!! Also, do you need a babysitter so that you guys can go out one of these nights and celebrate? We'd love to watch you kids!

The Atomic Mom said...

Holy cow are you cute or what!?!

Also, Dude's cheeks still totally delectable.

I LOVED the first song. All the music was great, per the usual, but that first song was my fave. What was it called again?

You are all great! :)

Anonymous said...

After watching this maavlous 7th vid I realized that W.G. has J's smile structure and Dude has your smile.
So many smiles...'s'all good.
Thank you for another fine show reflecting another, very fine year...all things considered.

Master P said...

Joyce - it's Hourglass by Blocks. I love it too :)

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