Monday, January 2, 2012


Last year, Jane gave our family a luau party kit for Christmas.


Last New Years, I decided to use our present and  have our new family tradition be a tropical bash for New Year's Eve.  We aren't much for late night parties, so it added just enough par-tayyyy to the situation.  This year, our holiday season had been... less than jolly.  Complicated.  Hard.  We tried our darndest to be upbeat but by the time NYE came along, we'd used up ever ounce of cheer we could muster.  (yes I'm being vague.  life is kind of vague at the moment.)  I didn't have to try - I just blew up the inflatable pal tree, hung up the paper fish and put on a grass skirt.  Husband wouldn't wear the coconut bra though, I should probably just send it back to you Jane.  Tarzan could totally rock it.

I can't say thank you enough.  Really.  THANK YOU.

Honestly, I'm terrified of 2012 already.  I've got a hunch it's going to be a bumpy ride.


Jane said...

You are more than welcome for the palm tree. (5' sounded taller in the catalog.) But do you need to call me and tell me what is going on? It is driving ME crazy! :D
Whatever it is know that you can move in with me if you need to.

Anonymous said...

Great pix. Great New Year's celebration ala Tropics Paradise.
but...last pix just TMI :]

Maria said...

That is a really cute New Year's tradition! I hope that whatever is going on will work out ok and sending good thoughts and hugs your way! Y'all are an awesome family and will be right. Xoxo!

Natalie said...

Just wanted you to know that your blog makes me smile.
Like, all the time.
LOVE that last pic. So real world, baby!
Happy New Year!

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