Thursday, February 2, 2012


Mom sends me lots of interesting e.mails, but most of the time I check them on my phone and can't see all the pictures or video.  I'm glad I opened this one up though - it's from Ken Burns' Civil War, footage shot in 1913 of Civil War veterans reuniting at Gettysburg.  The sight of these old men laughing and hugging their former enemies makes me misty.  That war was so brutal, so terrible, and yet they meet each other as brothers.

It makes me think of the reunion we'll have when we each return home to our Father in Heaven.  The battles - emotional, political, physical - will all seem meaningless, I think, when we see that we have been siblings all along, playing an elaborate dress-up experiment on Earth.  I do wish we could all have that kind of clarity a bit sooner, though.  Especially teenagers who flirt with passive aggressiveness as a means to establish their dominance over their peers.  Don't you wish you could go back and hug teenage you and tell them that boy-howdy life is going to get so much more complicated - but so, so much better?

I'm so very glad to be a thirty-something.


heidi said...

love this. thomas and i often watch the civil war documentary and we get sad everytime, even with the positive outcome. the whole reality that things like this happen and this is our history is sometimes overwhelming. but then look how far we've come and what we've learned.

and i would love to hug teenage self. and tell me to just go for it. all of it. my regrets always come from not trying, not trying and failing.

Jane said...

Kind of sort of. I want to slap my teen-age self and tell her that life will only be better later if she does her work now.

HEAR YE. I need to document the fact that I ran 3 miles and didn't feel like death.  So just to make sure it wasn't a fluke, I did...