Sunday, May 6, 2012

365 days 111-114

All buttoned up.  Seriously, I rarely wear buttons and structured anything besides jeans, so I was on edge all day just by wearing this shirt.
This was a not-so-well-thought-out shot of my perfume bottle.  After the fact I realized that my perfume bottle is filthy.  And I also realized I can't edit that out.  So, I'm just keeping it real, yo.
An exhausting day that involved babysitting, frantic phone calls to my Jane and one of my biggest parenting fails ever.  But on the plus side, Heidi brought me some SERIOUSLY good chocolate.  So it's all good.
We actually spent Cinco de Mayo in a Mexican restaurant!  Not on purpose, but because we had a coupon.    It reminded me of our first year of marriage - every Friday night we had date night, selected from our nifty folder of coupons.  Sigh... the good old days.  It's still a thrill to have someone else cook for me though!
I got husband to make a cameo with me after church!  I don't know what exactly I was going for here, but it says the right thing to me.  Whatever that is.


Lyndel said...

i loved the picture of you and Jared. especially the hand holding. Frame this one and keep it nearby when you miss him :)

Jane said...

Those are adorable! And I do not remember the parenting fail. So therefore it did not happen.

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