365 days 115-118

He moves so fast I can rarely get a decent picture of him - but you are lucky today!  This is the happy Dude I get to play with all day long.  Just now while I was trying to type this, he climbed all over my head and growled like Max from Where the Wild Things Are (merci, Maurice Sendak), giggled, then shouted "YOU.ARE.TERRIFIC."  I had no idea he could say terrific... terrific, I say!!
Last fall when husband and I got the amazing opportunity to have a weekend in NYC, I got this for my souvenir.  I don't really buy jewelry, but if I do, it's while I'm on vacation.  I love accessorizing myself with happy memories.
What's up?  Hahahahahaaaaaa... seriously, this was fun, but I woke up this morning and my first thought was if I'm going to do all these action shots, I really need to remember to mess with my shutter speed.
Showing some school pride this morning.  Go Screaming Eagles!!


Jane said…
You sure have some dominant genes. He totally looks like you, with a crew cut.
I really like this method of blogging you have and I am amazed at how happy I am to see you have posted another one.

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