Thursday, May 10, 2012

365 days 115-118

He moves so fast I can rarely get a decent picture of him - but you are lucky today!  This is the happy Dude I get to play with all day long.  Just now while I was trying to type this, he climbed all over my head and growled like Max from Where the Wild Things Are (merci, Maurice Sendak), giggled, then shouted "YOU.ARE.TERRIFIC."  I had no idea he could say terrific... terrific, I say!!
Last fall when husband and I got the amazing opportunity to have a weekend in NYC, I got this for my souvenir.  I don't really buy jewelry, but if I do, it's while I'm on vacation.  I love accessorizing myself with happy memories.
What's up?  Hahahahahaaaaaa... seriously, this was fun, but I woke up this morning and my first thought was if I'm going to do all these action shots, I really need to remember to mess with my shutter speed.
Showing some school pride this morning.  Go Screaming Eagles!!

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Jane said...

You sure have some dominant genes. He totally looks like you, with a crew cut.
I really like this method of blogging you have and I am amazed at how happy I am to see you have posted another one.

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