Thursday, May 24, 2012

365 days 129-132

Just spinning around the kitchen.  I put the camera on the floor and went crazy while trying to make dinner.  Note the trademark Ball o' Hair.  More on that later.
Book club at my place.  They said they'd finally do the one book I've actaully read in the last 2 years, but I had to host it.  FINE.  It was fabulous motivation and my house is still pretty squeaky clean.  The conversation was deliciously fantastic!  have you read Outliers?  You have to.  Because I bring it up in like, every conversation I have with anyone.  Ever.

(and yes, Jenna, we are aware that you disliked it - we read your GoodReads review out loud:)

Scoping out the sun from the inside of the house.  Sunlight is so wonderful, but I do love my domicile more.
We had some serious wind out here so I went out front to get an action shot of my messy blob hair.  After a few shots I heard voices and realized my neighbors were on their porch, staring at me.  GAH.  I love civilization, I truly do, but there is just no privacy.  Why don't these people have privacy fences???

We're actually getting a fence for the backyard - we put in the order today.  Just a small picket fence so the kids can be safe outside on their own.  It's small and unobtrusive so it won't look too out of place with the rest of the neighborhood, and I'm super excited.  I hate sending the kids out and then madly dashing from whatever I'm doing to the window every other minute to make sure they are safe and haven't wandered off.  I'm kind of a nerous wreck.

Oh, and I've decided I'm also on strike.  I'm not getting my hairs cut or did, probably until Forster goes to elementary school.  I hate how long it takes to get my hair cut and colored and finding the time to do it gives me a massive headache, so I'm just quitting.  I'm going to let my cruddy au natural color take over and see how long this mane gets before I get cited by the fashion police.  It is now officially my Ball o' Hair.  Even if I did manage to get to the salon, I just have to jump through more hoops a few months later. GGAAHHHH.  I quit,

Also, have you noticed that I'm sort of losing ideas and steam with this 365 thing?  I'm still a total novcie at photography and I've used just about every trick I've got, plus my brain is fried and my creativity fell out somewhere.  C'mon people.  Help a boring housewife out.


Elizabeth said...

This is about the moment where I would call you (especially with a 3 day weekend on the horizon) and say hey, how about I come over, wrestle the kids for a few hours while you get pampered, and then we make a Target run, make fondue and other lovelies and have a grand time. Alas, I can't drive three hours and be on your front porch. Stupid large space between us.

Jane said...

There is no way on earth you could be considered boring, EVER.
Have you considered cutting/coloring your own hair? The kids could help with the coloring part at least. There's a lot of potential for photos there. I'm a chicken with the hair dye but I did cut my own bangs the last time.
What are the usual type of books that the Outliers was the only one you would read?
Yay for a fence! Our fence is quite possibly the best part of our house. I'm not kidding.

Jane said...

There is no way you could be considered boring, EVER.
Have you thought of cutting/coloring your own hair? Lots of oppotunity for photos and the kids could help! I'm a total hair dye chicken but I did cut my own bangs the last two times.
What books do they usually read that the Ouliers was the only one you would too?
I think our fence might be the best part of our house. I'm not kidding.

M Pepper Langlinais said...

Is "Outliers" the one where he talks about how the hockey players' dates of birth affect their chances of going pro later?

The Pagets in Florida said...

Where we grew Back in Webster, you weren't allowed to have a fence in your front yard, but you could fence off your back yard. I wonder if there are ordinances there prohibiting privacy fences.

jennaroo said...

Oh geez! I knew I should have waited to review until after book club. Now that I'm in a more sensible state of mind, I'm sure the review would be different.

HEAR YE. I need to document the fact that I ran 3 miles and didn't feel like death.  So just to make sure it wasn't a fluke, I did...