Tuesday, January 15, 2013

365 days 359-365

My mantra, as explained here.
A little quality time with my mini-me.

Sick.  I'm really done with this whole pregnant-and-everything-is-breaking-down-thing.
I finished the video!!
T'was the Saturday night before our anniversary, so we celebrated with a date, then I talked him into being in a shot with me.  Silly me, I didn't even think of using 4 fingers each - I was thinking 5+3.  Thankfully he's a much more balanced human being than I am.
I'm ridiculously into cereal right now.  And it kept me going all Sunday after the vomit-pocalypse all night.

So I'm kind of madly in love with this shot.  I wrote in lipsick on the mirror (three times, I had to keep moving it to get the shot lined up right) then turned off auto focus and manually zoomed into the words on the mirror and reprised one of my favorite shots of the year in the background - although this time without the aid of a hair dryer.  It only took a few tries, but I am seriously feeling the whiplash today!  Still, it was worth it to go out with a bang.

I'm feeling... antsy now that it's over.  I'm really, really glad I did it and I do feel more confident with the camera.  You guys wouldn't believe the crazy things I had to do to get these shots - the precarious positions the camera and I sat in!  I'm ending the year MUCH easier than I started because now I have a remote and a tripod, but I'm seriously impressed with how much I was able to do by holding my arm out and taking about 70 pictures at a time.  I'll have to do an outtakes reel at some point - there are some hilarious gaffes in there.

And today officially begins my 365 family project!  I'm hoping I can talk everyone into a group shot every now and then... at least a decent doggie pile :)

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Jane said...

Congratulations! Good job. I want to be like you.
And I love cereal! It's quick, easy, complete and tastes good.

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