Tuesday, January 29, 2013

plan d

I had fully intended to blog today during the Dude's precious, precious nap time - but as I sat in front of my computer all I could think of was how depressed I am at the prospect of having this baby in a month. You'd think by the third time around we'd have some kind of game plan for dealing with my drug-resistant post partum nastiness, but no, I have even less hope than I did last time. There is no cure except living through it, and the reality of that crushes my chest until I can't breathe.

So I decided to forgo the blogging, since all it does is make me face reality and cry, and instead taught myself to play Lover of the Light by Mumford and Sons on the ukulele.

I think we can all agree that was a better use of all our time.

I'll attempt something mildly interesting tomorrow.


jennaroo said...

I love that song. Especially on the really hard days. You can do this, Reva! And I'm only a ten minute drive away if you need help.

Jane said...

It will be better if only because you know to buy a lot of cabbage and TELL ME WHEN TO COME.
Also, get a sun lamp.

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