Monday, February 25, 2013

make blogs not sleep

Cursed contractions at 2:30am that didn't go anywhere woke me up and now I can't sleep. Hey, wazzup 5am??

This blog has become slightly more boring than usual what with my sitting around waiting for the next phase of my life to begin. But I will say I am feeling way better than usual because the ladies at church made dinner for me all week! I didn't realize how much of my day I spend worrying about dinner and not sweating it has been AWESOMESAUCE.

I know, I've made dinner planning lists before but I live in a house with picky eaters and a meal that works once doesn't always go over well the next time, so I never know. I stress all day about what to make and how no one will eat it and usually, they don't. It's this massive emotional crisis all flipping day. Very exhausting. Especially when I am already a very bad cook. It really, really stinks when I make something I enjoy eating and no one else likes it so it ends up the trash, a wasteful monument to my crappy skills. I actually made an entire meal the other week and threw it down the garbage disposal before dinner and made pasta because I knew no one but me would like it and I couldn't stand feeling like a failure that day.

And it's hard to get over the fact that all this effort and money will literally be flushed down the toilet at some point. So why even make an effort?? This central attitude is probably the reason I am such a bad cook.

Dagnabit, I should not blog at 5am. This is bumming me out.

Let's talk about something more fun! Ummmm... at some point, my skinny jeans will fit again! Although knowing me, they might not since I usually eat cookies for breakfast. Soooooo..... then I'll just get to go shopping for new skinny jeans! Yaaaay!! And I'll have a new human to yell at me. That'll be novel.

Ooooo, the other day the Dude crawled onto my bed and announced "I'm going to have a new baby! The baby is in your tummy! I can't talk to the baby. He's in your tummy." Then he thought hard for a moment and exclaimed "I can go in your mouth!" - thought process being that since food goes in my mouth to get to my tummy, him crawling in my mouth would enable him to talk to the baby. He actually tried to stick his hands in my mouth but I freaked out just in time. 3 year old boys are bacteria factories.

Ooo, speaking of bacteria factories, I got pinkeye last week! A raging case of it too. And when it finally cleared up, I got it in the other eye, wheee!! So now I'm stuck wearing glasses and not wearing mascara and I'm pretty sure I look like a dude.

Ooop, hold up, I think I may have just bored myself sleep again. Wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

Use it or lose it. Cooking isn't always like riding a bike. I know. It's not that you're a "bad" cook, really. It's just a skill, that's all. And like all skills, if they're neglected or rejected...well, off the chart they go.
But really....your kiddos don't look malnourished by any standard. So it would appear that your "bad" cooking seems to be good enough; and maybe better than most by the looks of your healthy, brilliant children.
So I say, keep up whatever you're doing. It's working just fine.
Besides, it all goes down the drain, eventually. :D

Jane said...

Why do you all have to eat the same thing? And WHY does it have to go down the garbage disposal if only you like it?
Tupperware is your friend. Put it in the fridge and you can have lovely meals and they can eat noodles all week.
There are many times Tarzan and ATL eat different meals from me.
I wouldn't blame your skillz unless you didn't like it either.

Anonymous said...

I like Jane's advice. Wouldn't it be a kick if Mommy made some delicious food that then 'disappeared' into the fridge? And then they 'watch' Mommy eating delicious food without happy, devil-may-care attitude? Now THAT would sure spark imaginative curiosity.
Right on!
Who says EVERYONE has to eat the same thing ALL the time?? Go ahead and have some hobby fun in the kitchen and enjoy the rewards...all on your lonesome. You can bet you'd have company at least once and a while.

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