motion pictures

So my tendinitis is suddenly redic.  Remember back in the day when it nearly ended my playing career?  Well, apparently practicing violin AND carting around a 12lb baby AND wrestling the massive preschooler are all very bad for my lame tendons.  Can't type much or I'll injure the other hand, so here's my latest hobby - video apps on my phone and cutting the sleeves off men's tees (the shoulders are too broad) and sewing a more decent sized sleeve on farther up.  This is a shirt the husband won't wear in public, so it's mine now, baby!

And here's 6 seconds of me cleaning the living room.  Woo!


Jane said…
You're like Mr. Noodle!
And I hear you with the tendon thing. Doctor makes me take lost of ibuprofen and/or get surgery.
What are you options?

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