Thursday, June 13, 2013

reality check

You guys, I have been incognito frito because I was in Georgia playing the Scottish festival we play in June (we got invited back for year 7 next year!!) and it was wonderful.  I played my violin, recorded another flippin' album in far too little time, smiled a ton and laughed even more.  I came home feeling renewed, happy, and human again - okay with living next to all those cows in the middle of nowhere.  I got my refill - a good dose of life as I used to live it.

And then I find out there's a activity at church have to go to tonight about female incontinence.


I seriously need to poke the entire state of Wisconsin in the face.


Jane said...

Do tell about this activity! We never have fun things like that. Ours are camp outs and stuff.
Why do you have to go?

jennaroo said...

I totally skimmed over that part of the email! I really don't need to learn anything about that, thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

What did you learn about female nether parts?
Any tips you can share?
Is there really a difference between male & females leakage?

Mary said...

Yay! So awesome to worry about someone, only to find out that they were MIA because everything is great. Cheers mama.

The Atomic Mom said...

OMHeck, I think we had that same RS presentation. Hmmm, must be some new program from SLC.

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