Friday, July 12, 2013

another happy post. that's kind of weird I guess.

The kids earned up enough warm fuzzies (our family currency) by doing chores and music lessons and what-not, so they were able to pick their own reward.  Popcorn and cotton candy for lunch at the circus??  Heck yes.
It as been crazy town over here.  There is a sad situation with a family in the ward involving a terminally ill parent that is just hard all around.  The husband has been back and forth, trying to manage things on the bishop side of things while a few mothers in the ward have been babysitting and it has been... stressful. Tonight he and I had a date planned but cancelled it because he hasn't had a chance to spend a lot of time with the kids lately, but the situation has taken a turn for the worst and he down in Madison at the hospital while I am home alone with the sleeping kids.

And all I can think is how thankful I am.  How blessed we have been these last few months.  Thing 3 is 4 months old now and at that point with WonderGirl and The Dude, I was still fighting depression and anxiety and homesickness and everything else that comes with moving in your last trimester.  This time around I can literally feel angels surrounding me, lifting me up.  The stress of having a husband become a bishop less than a week after giving birth was not what I'd planned on (and believe you me, there are days I feel spread thin) but instead of the typical mania surrounding baby-ing, I feel BLESSED.  The Dude is turning 4 next month and he still wakes up almost every night screaming, but Thing 3 has been sleeping through the night off and on since the beginning.  He is so perfectly sweet and happy and even when there is the insanity of being very out-numbered, I fall more in love with them every second.  The blessings just don't quit. 

Okay, maybe I'm gushing.  But I have been through very dark valleys when it came to having babies, and I am walking around on level ground amazed at all the sunlight around me.  Is this what it is like for normal people to have babies??  I can see why some people have 11.

Have I mentioned 8 or 9 times how much I am loving this summer??  We wake up, have breakfast, do chores and music then play every day.  The kids play in the sprinkler in the afternoon and in between the occasional tantrum, are thick as thieves.  I only wish the husband could enjoy a little of it.  Between work and bishop-ing he hasn't had as much of a chance to play with the kids as he wishes.  It hurts my heart a little.  Because of the emergency this evening, he missed this:

Although last night when we were trying to unwind after a crazy evening, the Dude came up to the husband and asked him for a snuggle - and he was on the couch in a flash, hugging the heck out of him.  Who could resist that child?  His eyes are the size of hubcaps.

And if all this happy wasn't enough, TOMORROW MY MOM IS COMING TO VISIT!!!!  After an entire year of China, she is back and ours for 2 whole weeks!!!!!

I promise, if all this gushiness is annoying, at least you can take solace in the fact that I take not a single iota for granted.  I'm so grateful for this season of blessings.


Cathie said...

Never complain about being happy. Don't you dare.

Jane said...

Took me a second to understand that first paragraph - like reading the scriptures when the pronouns get all muddled - but I figured it out!
Sorry about the absentee-ism. I don't understand how they can call a man with kids to be bishop. The time commitment is insane.
Yay for summer! I miss the time when I had vacations.

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