Tuesday, September 10, 2013

and then there was one

Also, he just had his first day of school yesterday.  I was bawling my face off as I got into the car, but then discovered sweet Dude had left the door open which drained the battery and the van was dead as a doornail.  So in 100+ temps and 5 minutes until school started, I was madly trying to install Thing 3's car seat in the the Jeep and coax the Dude into the car.  Thank HEAVENS for a winter car.  We were only 5 minutes late and I was so stressed and distracted I didn't remember to cry until after I got back into the car.  It was all kind of handy seeing as he would have cried had he seen me crying.  So... thanks Dude?

There's no guarantee I won't bawl my face off today though.

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Jane said...

Interestingly enough, when I started kindergarten I hopped on the bus the first (and every) day and never gave it a thought.
First day of first grade, when my mother dropped me off (we had moved, new school), I cried all over the place.
I wonder what happened in the middle there...?

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