Wednesday, September 4, 2013

good morning?

Y'all.  Yesterday this happened.

FIRST GRADE.  I was such a mess I threw up at 4am. Well, it was either that or a mess of medications I'd taken, but whatever.  The husband prepacked her lunch with a sweet card, gave me a blessing and had dinner marinating the night before.  Because he knows me.  And is awesome.

I survived yesterday, but it was hard.  I loved all my boy time, but I missed my sunshine all day.  This summer, I soaked up the WonderGirl time and made every day count.  It was amazing.  Thank heavens the Dude was still home - he doesn't start 4K until next week and I predict I'll spend Monday sobbing and snuggling Thing 3 until his ears pop off.

But that's next week.  I woke up this morning around 4:30am and couldn't get back to sleep.  I really, REALLY did not want to take WG to school today.  I didn't want the throw up again so I decided I'd go downstairs and do some photo editing to cheer me up - and then I discovered I'd accidentally deleted a weeks worth of pictures off the computer and SD card.  Y'all know me about pictures.  I document EVERY.DAY.  I started really freaking out, so I decided to try a last ditch effort to calm myself down by blogging, and found the N key was missing.  You can't type END or DEVASTATION or FREAKING without the N.  At this point I was ready to hide under the bed in the fetal position and cry all day, but I figured it was more productive to cry in the shower instead.

The husband was still home and listened to my sob story.  By the end of my shower, he had a recovery program sweeping the card for the deleted files and gave me a new keyboard and a kiss.  I still want to spend the day crying, but I'll manage to do that while doing other stuffs and not hiding under the bed.  How can a girl be sad with a husband like this??  Oh, and he restocked my emergency chocolate supply.  Sorry ladies - this guy is alll mine.

Now the only thing wrong is a massive zit on my chin.  But in light of everything else I've gone through this morning, I think I shall overcome.  


The Atomic Mom said...

I love that he just gave you a new keyboard, like it was a cookie in the cupboard. :)

Anonymous said...

Aww she looks so cute on her way off to her first day of school. I can't imagine how that feels as a mom though. It sounds like your whole family will help you make the transition though :) Hope WG is loving the first grade!!

Jane said...

@The Atomic Mom - I know!! How adorable is that?
Also, where would the N go?

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