Friday, October 11, 2013

we need an adult in charge over here

It's 4am and I can't sleep.  Too much is going on for my brain to shut down.  Let's make a list, shall we?

WonderGirl is turning SEVEN today.

My parents are in town.

We are having a party today and I wanted to keep it simple this year.  So just 20 kids this year.  Maybe more, maybe less.  In my defense I really tried to stick with 10, but I didn't want anyone to feel left out.

So I'm throwing a massive party again.  I'm a complete masochist.

Tomorrow WG is having a wee violin recital to graduate from Suzuki book 1. 

Besides inviting a few friends and having her practice, my brain has not started to process putting the recital together.  Refreshments?  Programs?  Some kind of funny ceremony?  Eh, that's a whole day away.  I'm good.

Have I mentioned Thing 3 is crawling?  Actually scooting around like a baby seal - it's hysterical and stressful at the same time.

My sunshine is SEVEN.

I'm not going to say the time has just flown by and I can't believe she's so big, because it has definitely felt like 7 years.  That's not a bad thing - it has been 7 of the most challenging and wonderful years a human ever lived.  It's just... whoa.  Yesterday were her parent teacher conferences and I'd been concerned because the Dude (who is 4) did her reading homework a few weeks ago.  I was all prepared to get all up in that because even though my 4 year old can read, that's still pretty sad, right?  But the school's gifted and talent coach and psychologist met us there and.. well, you guessed it.

Everyone (aside from those guys) says skipping a grade is too traumatic for a kid and I'm not in the habit of traumatizing her (well, maybe a little). The transition wouldn't actually be too tough since she already goes to 2nd grade for math and already has a desk in there. Aside from all the test scores, she's just my little girl.  She's not a statistic. Is it the right thing to do?  Do I tell her to spin her wheels for a few years and at some point she'll start learning something she doesn't already know?  We actually met about this last year but everyone was too worried about her social/emotional development if she skipped and now that they've met her they're concerned about it if she doesn't.  I've only been a mother for 7 years, how on earth am I qualified to make decisions that make any kind of lasting impact on another human??

And you can guess how I'm doing.  It's 5am now and I'm trying not to panic.  Maybe this is all my fault and if I'd just put her ahead at the beginning of the year everything would be smooth sailing right now.  I've ruined her.  I'VE RUINED A HUMAN.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have a raging party to throw.


The Atomic Mom said...

Funny Reva = 4am Reva.

Seven years! That's amazing. I remember when you had her down there in Brazil. And now she's 7.

Hope her bday was great!

Jane said...

For crying out loud woman - if having her in Brazil and then giving her 2 brothers didn't mess her up, dealing with kids her own age certainly won't.
The thing the "head shrinkers" don't understand is that she also has the gospel and that will do more for her than skipping or not skipping a grade.
Just plan the party and forget the rest.

Mara said...

Jane- I love you comment =)
About skipping the grade thing, they will survive! Your mom lectured us about all the "traumatic" aspect of it and I'll tell you what, each case is one case, we can not generalize things. For Teancum, skipping a grade was the best thing EVER! And an even better decision was to put him in a Montenssori school. It's worth every freaking penny! No offense, but public schools(in general)here in US are horrible! What will tramatize a kid is not skipping or not a grade, is the public school itself. With the Lord's grace I hope to never have to enroll Teaq in a public school again.


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