Monday, November 18, 2013

baby steps

This little baby is now 7 years old, and I just got finished putting together her baby album.  Just the first 6 months, actually.  Sad?  Pffft.  The walk down memory lane has been bittersweet.  I look at that little baby and try to remember what she was like, and try to forget how confused and terrified I was.  Some friends blamed the move to Brasil for my PPD, but it was so much more than that.  Moving to Brasil might have even been what saved me.  I can't believe I survived it - that I have 2 other children and have a fairly normal life - albeit a few yards from a cattle farm.

Wanna look back on 26 year old MommyMe and WonderBaby?  Of course you do.  In no particular order, naturally.

 This was the park I walked to with her every day.  If she didn't get outside by 10am she would scream and scream.  She wanted to get OUT, to flirt with the locals, and have something else to see rather than my ugly mug.

 This was her first Sunday at church...

And her last before we flew back to the states.
 That's my fake-it-till-you-make-it smile.
 This is my absolute favorite newborn picture.  It makes me crack up every. single. time.

 This poor thing.  How she survived us I'll never know.
 I could make her smile...
 ...or not.
 This is an unflattering but very true-to-life shot of our lives.  Out in public?  Try to catch my breath because the Brasilians would steal her.  And I was totally fine with that.
One thing that I think saved me was the bond I felt with her - she was so frustrated as a baby because she wanted to communicate NOW, but she was unable to get anyone to understand.  Ditto.  I actually really liked not having to speak since no one understood me, because it saved me from making small talk like everything was just dandy.  We were two isolated souls, but at least i had her.  I don't think she was as convinced I was a good thing until later.
 In her dreams she could talk though...

 Okay, this one is another all-time favorite - she'd gone into my bedroom, dragged these shoes to the kitchen (across the house) and used a chair to try them on - and right as she did that, I walked in with a camera.  How awesome is that??
 And then I managed to parent #2....
...and #3.  How the heck did we make it this far??


Giggles said...

Yea for making progress on the baby book!

I served my mission in Brasil, where did you live?

My little on just turned 5 months and I recognized some of my feelings in your photos. At least she smiles. :)

Anonymous said...

Your pictures are soooo adorable. I remember reading back when your were in Brazil and I still think you are one of the most amazing people EVER for getting through that.

Jane said...

Holy smokes, Jared looks so young and missionary-like!
Your-fake-it-'til-you-make-it smile seems to symbolize the time in Brazil so well, and yet I never doubted you could do it.
Also, I totally won the bet that you would have kids before me.

Master P said...

We were in a small town called Jaguariuna near Campinas, SP. Where were you? (I'm a little behind;)

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