Monday, November 4, 2013


That's me, circa 2007 with my one human.  And then I wrought this on humanity:

Oh.... the humanity...

A few weeks ago, the husband gave a ride to some folks from church and they were surprised/shocked/freaked out to hear the radio station in the car - it was a normal rock station, heck, a mild one at that, but they were new to the church and were like - "Bishops listen to rock music??"  It was pretty funny.  Especially if you know the husband.  I can't resist sharing this pre-shackled husband pic:

The caption is there because I used that on the treblemaker blog and I'm not sure where I put the original, but let's focus on the crazed bass player pose there.  Niiiice.  I was thinking of that when I snapped this pic at that 80s party last week and put it on instagram. 

I call it "Axl Rose is not amused."

And to make things fair and wrap this up, here's what I was doing in the 90s:

I'm on the right.  But oh, so wrong...


Anonymous said...

I love November so much due in large part to your daily bloggingness. Ha ha! You are the best!


Jane said...

Something about the juxtaposition of what I know of your husband (spent time living in his house) and some of the pictures you have of him, just blows my mind.
Seriously. Impressive.

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