westward, ho!

Who has two thumbs and is driving overnight with 3 small children??  This girl!!

Traveling with wee ones is nuts, but when you have 15 hours to go, you do strange things. Thankfully, I dig everyone in this car. 

Last night we really needed a good nights sleep, so of course the Dude had multiple nightmares and Thing 3 uncharacteristically woke up to eat at 3 am. My brains are fried, but at the end of this marathon drive I will have my mom to giggle at my gaggle and be surrounded by family who have no choice to put up with me for eternity. Awesomesauce!

Tchau Wisconsin!  Helliooo Colorado!  


Jane said…
Are you doing the whole thing sans Floyd or will there be help along the way?
I will see you tomorrow!!

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