Wednesday, November 6, 2013

yo. lo.

We're still in the single digits of this NaBloPoMo and I've run out of things to say. In over 13 years of blogging, I don't think this has ever happened. My daily life is just not as interesting as it was back in the day. Oh, it's waaaaaay better, but it's more in the "you had to have been there" category.

So I went digging I the archives to see that I used to write about, and found this gem from March 2002: 

Okay, I need answers people.Last night at 12:44am I got a message on my voice mail from a male at a blocked number that went kind of like this:"REVA, THIS IS THE ALMIGHTY GOD SPEAKING. I WAS JUST CALLING YOU TO SAY - WHAT ARE YOU THINKING??? CALL ME BACK, BYE."I've called several people that it might have been, but out of the men in my life that would call after midnight, I haven't found the person yet. It gave me a nice giggle. I'll play the message for you if you want - it's hilarious. If not a tad creepy.
See?  The nuttiest thing that happened around here lately was last night when WonderGirl and her daddy were doing done science experiments in the kitchen and I hear her exclaim "Daddy, that's a capillary action!"
I still don't understand what that is, and both of them tried to explain it to me. Apparently she'd learned about it in a science class. Which is awesome and all, except when you realize that 3 weeks ago in first grade she had assignments where she had to circle the pictures that started with a k - and then this in 2nd grade - she's having a ball, but I'm officially useless to her in homework help already. She's SEVEN. Gahhhhhh. 
Can they please test her in something I have a slight chance in understanding?  Concerto structure, perhaps??

PS - help me out here, people!  Anyone have a topic you want me to cover??  Help me get the creative juices flowin'?? Also, can you believe I've used 5 sentences in a row that end with question marks????


Jane said...

Concerto structure is 4th grade.
Patience Mommy - it'll all come back to you the first time she has a crush on a boy.

As for the blast from the past; did you ever find out who it was?! My bet is your second brother.

Master P said...

I asked him! Denials!

Anonymous said...

A post on one of your latest fashion designs (made or bought).
Or something you've created lately. (other than dog bones. I mean skeleton bones.)

I miss your fashion and creating posts.

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