Tuesday, May 6, 2014


You guys - something is happening.  Years of having tiny children who go spastic every time I try to talk to another adult has given me an aversion to people.  I was the ultimate extrovert but I'm tipping wwaaaayyyyy to the introvert side.  Who ever saw that coming??

Think about it - it's Pavlovian.  Every time I stop in public and talk to another person, my kids start flopping all over the ground or running out a door so I'm distracted and I say whatever is on the front of my brain without thinking (which is a dangerous zone)  and then I feel awful afterwards because a) the kids did something completely mortifying or b) I said something completely mortifying.  So now when the phone rings or a person looks at me to talk, I literally get sick to my stomach.  

I hate social stuff.  I only want to talk to my mom, my kids, the dude I married and a small assortment of college friends and family members.  I'm TURNING INTO MY HUSBAND.  

I even get a little nauseous when people who aren't those people text me and expect texts in return.

I just got called to the nursery at church and I am SO FREAKING EXCITED about it.  I thought I'd hate it but I love it.  I've been in the presidency of 3 other organizations in less than 4 years and all I want is to be locked up in a room with toddlers who I don't have to make small talk with.  And if they freak out at the dumb stuff I say, they'll just roll around on the floor and scream.  And THAT is something I can handle.

And then coming up with a witty ending to blog posts is just... dang.  I'm freaking out.  No joke.  



kimbo said...

So this is creepy, especially since you just posted this, but how can I get a hold of you? We might be moving to Wisconsin and I need inside info. ;)

Master P said...

You're right - it is creepy :). But you can ask me whatever! hit up my email - revapagetatgmaildotcom

Jane said...

Hey! You taught me to be more extrovert-y, so if you're getting more introvert-y, I possibly can achieve my goal of becoming you when I grow up!

Maria said...

Reva, you are so awesome! Seriously one of the coolest people ever<3

Maria said...

Reva, you are so awesome! Seriously one of the coolest people ever<3

Anonymous said...

I discovered a fascinating TV show called
IN THE DOG HOUSE in which an expert dog trainer/dog whisperer/marriage counselor teaches clients the fine art of discipline. NANNY 911 and this show should be required viewing for parents/coupes in crisis. Not that you have yourself a crisis, but training dogs and children are eerily similar. Just saying.

Elizabeth said...

Ha. You know, I became FAR more extroverty because of you and a few other choice college friends! :)

Yes, I am reading your blog again. I have nothing else to do at the moment, so I am catching up with my friends lives until I can get going again with my own. How fun, nursery is really wonderful. I've only subbed, but those days were wonderful.

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