Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Ironically, tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I'm still in a funk. So for GPOYW, I tried to inspire myself by taking gratuitous pictures of my day. Not feeling inspired looking back, though. Just tired. 

The older kids were sledding at the park so I went all sorting bears on Thing 3. He tried to eat all of them. 
The Dude is heading up the sledding hill. Can you spot the spot?
Made laundry detergent. Whoopee. 
I've never been able to give my kid a bottle and have them feed themselves. With that tiny bit of freedom, they squirt it all over everything they can reach, so I still have to hold Thing 3 when he wants one. 
 At the carwash. Because this is what I do when I need to get out of the house and want my kids restrained. 
Oh, awesome. The sole of my boot ripped off. 
Boot shopping. $&@!!!.
Someone woke up from nap time an hour early. 
Fine. Piano lessons for everyone. 
Dagnabit. WonderGirl's lesson was hijacked. 
Picked up these bad boys at a place with the words "farm and fleet" in the title. I've been trying to find new snowboots for weeks and I hate them all, so I just gave in and bought literally the only pair of snow boots in my size in the entire store.  These boots weigh more than sensible footwear should weigh. 

But something did make me smile today - my dear friend Watoozi posted this on Instagram and I've gone back to laugh at it all day:


Miss D said...

I laughed way harder at your reasons for going to the carwash than I should have. And snowboots aren't sensible footwear anyway. Because snow is not sensible. Nothing about being out in cold frozen tundra is sensible. It goes against all my senses.

Jane said...

I love that the car wash is still open in winter months.
And I have to agree with Miss D on the sensibility of snow. There isn't any, so why should the footwear be?
And if they keep your feet warm and dry, that's worth more than a lot of other things. Wet feet is bad.

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