Sunday, March 1, 2015


The husband is out of town and the kids are asleep so I'm getting caught up on gathering my 365 pictures for the month.  And it hit me - it's MARCH. I didn't think we'd ever get here.  The January-February stretch in the Midwest is one long stretch of blllaaaahhhhh.  Looking back at the pictures, we managed to keep it together, but ugh.  I am ready to lose my mind.  It drives me crazy having to dress up babies and toddlers in the winter (who don't want to be dressed up) and not be able to go out and let them play for months now.  I'm pretty sure Thing 3 has taken to eating the couch just to break up the monotony.

But today - oh yes, it was bitterly cold, but it was Stake Conference.  The kids were giddy to get to sit by dad, and I was riding high from our Saturday Night Grown Up Session date the night before.  We went out for pho with a superstar couple in-between the hubs leadership meetings and the glorious 2 hours of uninterrupted listening to speakers (which included an apostle or two, so that was cool).

And miracle of miracles this morning, Thing 3 sat relatively uncrazed for the two hour meeting.  It was amazing to not be wandering the halls trying to keep him quiet.  He'll be 2 this week (can you believe that??) and maybe - just maybe - I'm seeing the light at the end of the crazed baby stage.  THERE IS HOPE.

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Jane said...

I don't think you've thoroughly explored the option of sending them outside without their coats and things when they complain.

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