Sunday, November 1, 2015

an abridged running narrative of my inner dialog today

8ish am - Oh wow, it's November!  NaBloPoMo!  I'm going to write a post today dagnabit.

10ish am - I wonder what I'll write about.  Maybe how yesterday there was flooding NOT in our neighborhood but our phones didn't care and kept sending us flood alerts starting at 4am?  And even though we'd had the kids stay up over an hour after bedtime so they'd sleep in and be ready for daylight savings - the power went out at some unholy hour and woke up the kids, but the hubs tricked the baby back to sleep so we thought we'd survive?  And then the smoke detector low battery bleep blasted all over the house and woke up the baby at 6am?  Ugh, totally not blogging about that.  Just saying that makes me relive it and nooooo thankee.

1ish pm - Maybe I'll blog about how the Dude made it to church with his suit pants backwards and when I just noticed, he started yanking down his pants right here in our pew in sacrament meeting at church?  Stopped him just in time.

5ish pm - Husband is dropped off at the airport .... now all I have to do is make it to 7:30.  MEEEHHHH.

6ish pm - Thing 3 is so adorable... all I want to do is lay in bed and let scripture videos entertain the kids so I'll have enough energy to get through bedtime.... and all he wants to do is sit on my head and giggle.  Yay?  Maybe I'll blog about that.

7:30ish pm - I MADE IT.  Bring on the rituals!  Brush all the teeths!

7:50pm - snuggles in Thing 3's bed and reading books!  I'm just minutes from laying in my bed, blogging it up, allll alone!!  I think I'll post about -

*pause in the narrative, as I get distracted by the amount of vomit I find myself covered in, as well as the adorable 2 year old next to me*


9:43pm - this'll have to do.  I can't even string together any blurgs.

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Jane said...

Oh you poor thing. Vomit is the worst. And unanticipated vomit is even worse than that.
Hope he (and you) feel better soon.

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