Thursday, July 29, 2010

a few brief facts about my vacation

before I collapse onto my borrowed air mattress for the night:

It is insanely hot and sticky in Nauvoo this time of year. I really thought people had exaggerated.

It is absolutely wonderful there though. Everyone is smiling, even the nutcases wearing 8 petticoats and long sleeves.

My parents adored the pageant, which made it all worth it.

Until last night when the muffler fell off the van.

And then some random shaking and rumbling side-lined us in Muscatine, Iowa for a few hours this afternoon.

After a $200 that didn’t solve that problem and it was too late in the day to find another repair shop, we prayed like mad and drove 38mph for 45 miles with the hazards on until we crawled into my sister-in-law’s driveway in Iowa City.

Where we are now. 180 miles from home. My parents, my aunt, my 2 kids and I.

I think this trip may be cursed. I mean, the day they flew in the city flooded and the airport shut down diverting them both to different airports, and now we can’t get home to get them on their flights. Perhaps Wisconsin has some kind of vendetta against my relatives.

Insert witty, ironic-y comment here. And maybe a prayer or two??

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