Tuesday, August 24, 2010

ask and ye shall get

Wow, when you ask questions you ask QUESTIONS.  Oh well, let the hilarity ensue…

Tia asks: Do you ever plan on moving back to Atl or do you think it is just out of the question?

I LOVE ATL and the south, and yes, I would totally move back there.  I don’t know if it’s in the cards, but it all depends on anyone in the HotLanta offering the employable one in our marriage piles of money to come work for them and boss everyone around (that’s his specialty).  Although WonderGirl got a allergy test yesterday and it turns out she is NOT allergic to strawberries, but she IS allergic to cockroaches.  So maybe the south is out after all.  ;)

Kelly asks: Are you planning on having any more kids? If so, when?

I’d consider having one more if there was some kind of medical procedure where my uterus was able to keep the pregnancy a secret from my breasts.  Honestly, after the Dude who is the most adorable little boy that has ever existed, I could be tempted.  But I don’t know if I can go through d-mer again.  And knowing what it is is AWESOME, but that doesn’t stop the process I have to survive while trying to care for a newborn.  So that’s a huge No CLUE for ya.  (although it has occurred to me that when I get pregnant, we have to move… so if I get REALLY sick of Wisconsin… I may be tempted;)

mbear asks: How do young mothers today raise moral, virtuous children? A Catholic friend of mine is considering a “promise contract” between she and her 6th grade daughter. What is your advice?

I giggled when I read that, because the thought occurred to me that asking the mother of a toddler how to raise a virtuous child is like asking a woman who has never given birth before what her labor plan is.  You can make lists and have demands, but in the end, it’s completely out of your control.  My plan is actually this:  love.  I don’t really know what I’m doing. I mess up a lot.  But if I love them all day long, be the best example I can be, crawl into bed with them to hold them and tell them how important they are… maybe they will mirror my actions.  A child learns to speak the English language by mirroring their parents, so if the language of my life is virtuous and good, there’s a good chance they will mirror that too.  It’s my only idea really, so I’m banking on it.  I just love the crap out of them all the time.  Case in point:  I made a lot of mistakes growing up, but no matter what, the love and example of my parents kept me on the right path.  Their example still is what helps me aim in the right direction.  I was bemoaning how I’ll never be able to accomplish anything near what my parents had, and a few hours later I received this message in my inbox from my mom:

Dear Reva,
I reflected on what you said and I have to admit that I accomplished 
only a fraction of what my own mother did...from scratch.
The percentage of growth and accomplishment that my mom had to show by 
the end of her life BLOWS MY MIND.
My own percentage of growth is wee in comparison.

I think you think too much of me and what all I/we did in those years we 
were together.
And for sure....I didn't do all of what you think I did in the first 5 
years of your life!
Lighten up, sweetie. Each day has its own ups & downs. Hopefully more ups.
Keep your eye on the prize.
You have a tremendous helpmate.
You are hot.
You have incredible children.
You know the Gospel and live/show it fully.
You have mighty blessings from heaven, e.g. health, lovely home, 
gorgeous bod, yummy food, cool hair, nice cars, etc. :)
You write a cool, engaging blog that has moocho friends.
You are hot.
You are talented and your talents are well-trained.
Your make modest look chic.
You are educated.
You have an intelligent husband who engages you in conversation.
You make a violin sing
You are hot.
You are virtuous and of good report.
Your husband and children love and adore you.
You make wicked fondue.
You play the guitar and sing and can chew gum at the same time. woohoo
AND you are hot.
I am just glad that somehow I managed to be some kind of example you 
deem worthy of regarding and worth following.
You've got plenty of time to be an even better example for your own 
children. And your daughter will sing your praises one day.
Make each day count and keep your eyes on the prize.
Let each season of your life ripen in its own unique goodness.
Keep listening to the Spirit and go where the Lord leads you.
I am honored to be your mother.
I love and admire you.

If I can give my own children anything near the love and devotion my parents gave me… maybe there is a chance I won’t fail.  That’s my plan for now, anyway.  :)

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