Tuesday, August 3, 2010

On the way home from the airport, I caught this radio program on the NPR Ideas Network.  It’s regular folks telling a story, like open mic for storytellers.  We all have at least one story we tell at parties that always score big.  I know Lola and my husband have some seriously awesome ones.  The stories on the program were so good, so raw, I was laughing and bawling all at the same time.  I wonder what story of mine I could tell?  The whole giving birth in Brasil thing?  The time my car broke down in the desert in New Mexico and I got in a car with a random family to drive me to Arizona?  You can call a story idea in, and then people vote on the one they like, and you could get flown to NYC to tell your story at a storyslam.  

I have a new bucket list item, people.

What story would you tell?  What story of mine is not terribly boring??

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