Sunday, August 8, 2010

This last Mother’s Day, the missionaries serving in our ward were asked to speak in sacrament meeting.  People who speak on Mother’s Day have a way of turning their talk into a sales pitch for how awesome their mom is.  Speak from what you know, right?  And two 20 year old men who are far from home for two years and only get to speak to their families twice a year during their missions… well, they can go bonkers on the subject.  Absence makes the heart grow verbose!

So I have to admit, when the first elder stood up I braced myself for an Ode To My Mother speech.  But what he said smacked me in the mental face:

“I have the most incredible mother there ever was.  And I hope every single person here disagrees with me.”

And then he went on to talk about his mom and lalala, but that opening was so refreshing to my soul.  It has been churning around in my mind lately, especially as I watch my two wee ones turn into actual people.

I walk around in a sense of awe most of the time - this 3 year old who boldly goes up to anyone and everyone and speaks so clearly and creatively.  Who is so stinking smart that a woman today assumed she was 6 because of all the words she could spell from memory.  And my almost-one-year-old who has the most engaging smile that ever was - I can hardly breathe when I look at him because he is SO. WONDERFUL.  He cheerfully jabbers on in adorable jibberish and absolutely loves this planet he gets to live on.  And I (naughty me) can’t help but feel bad for anyone who has ever given birth to a child that is not these two.    

But I’m stopped in my naughty pride when I think to myself - “I have the most incredible children the world has EVER seen.  And I hope every other mother disagrees with me.”

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