Monday, September 13, 2010


Today could be going better.  We’ll just say that. Also, I would like a censor button.  Something I could press when someone says something I should not hear.  They’ll say “What was that??” and I’ll say “I’m sorry, that material is inappropriate for our listeners.”  Topics to be bleeped:

  • picky eaters and why they are simply a result of lazy parenting

er, that’s it really.  Oh, and

  • breastfeeding

Yup, two subjects I sincerely dislike having to explain so that I will not be viewed as a terrible horrible psycho mom.  Because I have to come to peace with the cards life has dealt me.  I cannot and should definitely not nurse, and my daughter was hardwired to hate eating most things… and just to eat in particular.  I can’t change either thing, and I really, REALLY hate trying to convince anyone why these things are so.  Yes, I’ve tried everything, and I’ve been through some absolutely horrible experiences and I do NOT want to have to relate them again and again in the hopes that the other person will accept, as I am trying so desperately hard to accept, that these are two things I can absolutely not control.  Ug, just typing this I’m reliving those horrible moments in Brasil… both of us lying on the tile floor, sobbing our hearts out, then lying on the floor in our kitchen in Georgia, sobbing our hearts out… dagnabit, now I’m crying again.  I’m bleeping this whole conversation, people.  Can we all just agree to take my word on this?

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