Thursday, September 9, 2010

throwback thursday

So back in 2001, around February 27th, I was dating a fellow music student at UNT.  He actually sings with the Metropolitan Opera now, and yes, that does make me feel a little lame.  But whatever, this conversation makes me giggle every time I think of it:


Yesterday I get a phone call from the boyfriend at 8 freakin’ am from his cell phone.

“can I tell you a story?”

and here it is…. as told by the N…

“let’s say there’s a boy name N that was promised 300 bucks for a gig he sang for a bank, and he only got 100.  Now let’s say this N got mad about this… sitting in a Wal-mart parking lot let’s say… last night and decided to donate it to a worth-while institution…”

enter me into the conversation…”N - where the heck are you??”

“let me finish… so N drives to gamble in Shreveport, Louisiana -“


“I’m in Tyler, Texas with a thousand dollars in my pocket.”

folks - here are some details you might like to know… he didn’t leave for Louisiana until 2:30 am.. the drive was 3 hours and he got back in time for his noon class.

He also apologized because gambling is against both our religions…:)

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