Thursday, September 16, 2010

throwback thursday

This entry is from April 25th, 2008, so it’s not that big of a throwback, but it did make me giggle.

SO when I thought that my friend was mad at me (when it turns out she was actually just too lazy to call me back) I wrote her a message telling her that I was sorry and she HAD to call me back.  I also added this list of stuff I was willing to do to get her to call me as an incentive:

1. Promise to refrain from mentioning random anecdotes from my love life for at least 3 months.
2. Hug a dog. (she knows that 1) they scare me and 2) I’m just not an animal person AT ALL)
3. Plant a tree of your favorite fruit and then mail you jam made from said fruit. 
4. Learn Spanish.
5. Refrain from mentioning anything derogatory about Provo or Utah itself.(she’s going to the BYU soon) 

Her favorite was number 2. Of course now that I know she wasn’t mad at me, it means I am off the hook for ever hugging a dog or making jam.  This also means I can still creep her out with random quips about what SexyHubby and I may or may not have been doing in the vicinity of our bedroom this morning.

Heh.  Got you too.  Feel free to try and wash your brain out with soap.  I do that to my mom all the time and it’s a wonder she still calls at all.

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